Family Activities for Summer 2019 in Edmonton

At long last, summer is finally here in Edmonton! We’ve compiled a list of family-friendly activities to do in the coming months (including our annual Liberty Classic Golf Tournament). With the kids back from school and a limited summer season, be sure to check out to at least one of these great local events: Porkapalooza […]

Smart Speakers – The future is now.

Activating a smart-speaker is incredibly easy—just use its wake word: “Okay Google”, or “Alexa” and these devices are able to interpret your commands. “Okay Google, play some music” “Alexa, buy dish soap” “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today? A few decades ago, this technology was unimaginable outside of science fiction media. These days, most […]

Always Be Home

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, some much needed vacation time. Being away from home can bring anxiety regarding property protection, and video doorbells are a great option for homeowners looking for an added layer of protection. Video doorbell cameras have plenty of great features: You can do a live check-in at […]

Staying Safe Over the Holidays

It’s hard to believe, but unfortunately, break-ins and package theft are on the rise during this time of year. The most effective preventative measure in avoiding burglary is a security system, which can reduce the risk of break-in by up to 90%. We have compiled a list of tips for those who may be travelling, […]

Cannabis Resources

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, it is important to understand that each province determines its own regulations in regards to selling, possession, and distribution. We have put together a list of resources and general information. Canadian Government Legislation The new federal government legislation states that adults 18 years and older can, in […]

How To Be Fire Safe – Prevention and Safety Tips provided by Fire Rescue

Fire statistics show that most fire injuries and deaths occur in the home. The majority of fire injuries and deaths can be prevented by following a few, simple fire safety tips and knowing about potential hazards. This year’s theme for Fire Prevention Week is “Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape.” […]

A cost effective way to provide alarm monitoring for hard wired smoke detectors

FireFighter™ from Interlogix is an easy and cost-effective solution to connect existing hard wired smoke smoke detectors to alarm systems wirelessly. FireFighter’s unique technology monitors the alarm activity of existing UL smoke detectors. When an alarm is detected a wireless signal is sent to the control panel which in turn notifies the central monitoring station. […]

What Cannabis Retailers and Producers Need to Know About Physical Security

The Canada-wide legalization of Cannabis means it’s time for producers and retailers to take a serious look at their security needs. Adhering to government security regulations and choosing the level of protection that your business requires can be difficult. If you find yourself in need of help navigating this uncharted territory, Liberty is here to […]