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Case Study: Liquor Lodge

Founded in 2007, Liquor Lodge is a boutique liquor store located in Jasper that offers carefully selected wines, unique spirits and craft beers. With excellent customer service, great hours and free delivery, Liquor Lodge is a local and tourist favourite.

Liquor Lodge had been using an analog CCTV system to monitor their facility. As their business continued to grow and technology continued to advance, the system they had in place quickly became outdated and difficult to use.

The difficulties they faced were:

  • Low quality security camera footage leading to poor facial recognition
  • Foreign, unintuitive and outdated CCTV system proved challenging to use

To meet the needs of their growing company, Liberty worked closely with Liquor Lodge to design the perfect solution which included:

  • IP based camera system with HDTV image quality
  • High tech intrusion detection equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring with remote access, notifications and user management with the Liberty Live app

In addition to a clean installation, Liberty provided configuration and user training to the Liquor Lodge employees to ensure they had a strong understanding of equipment use.

The upgrade in systems resulted in many benefits for Liquor Lodge:

  • Friendlier user experience with the new equipment and interface
  • HD cameras provide better facial recognition both in live and recorded images
  • Ability to receive alarm notifications and manage devices using the Liberty Live mobile app

In April of 2016, Liquor Lodge caught a man stealing a bottle of liquor on their cameras. Taking quick action, the video was posted on their Facebook page, in hopes that he would be recognized. Only a few hours later, the man was identified and the RCMP were able to make an arrest.

(Snapshot of actual footage)

Find out how Liberty can help protect your retail environment today by contacting Al Michalchuk at 780-988-7233 x142 or [email protected].

Written by Mimi Ngo

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