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Client Situation:
Grande Yellowhead Public School Division had previously invested in CCTV equipment for their school buses to monitor student and driver behaviour.

They found this equipment unsatisfactory over time for the following reasons:

  • Limited field of view in bus with only 1 camera
  • Analog picture from older DVR of poor quality, difficult to get facial recognition
  • No notifications or warnings when cameras or DVR’s were failing
  • Only options was for local storage

Liberty’s Solution:
After several in depth meetings with key stakeholders from the Grande Yellowhead Public School Division, Liberty designed a solution that would resolve their existing problems using the latest in technology. Liberty’s solution includes:

  • A 5.1 Megapixel Hemispheric camera from Mobotix for a complete 360 degree view of activity on the bus with 32GB MicroSD card for local storage
  • Specialty mounting box
  • All required cabling for power from the bus battery to provide POE (Power over Ethernet) to the camera
  • Ability to add a Wireless Access Point to the buses in the future to push video data from MicroSD Card onto school boards network wirelessly when they return to their hub
  • Ability to track bus location using Mobotix GPS tracker
  • Ability to add Network Attached Storage to store additional video data

Liberty performed the first five installations for the customer, training their maintenance staff on the process and creating a programming mask to ensure each has consistent rules. Maintenance staff will perform installs on the balance of their fleet to save on labour costs. Liberty will be ready to provide any additional support required.

The Benefits:
As a result of pursuing this upgrade Yellowhead School Division can now:

  • Enjoy vastly superior quality video to their old analog picture
  • Have an excellent overview of the bus using just one 360 degree camera (additional cameras can be added easily as required)
  • Easily access video directly from MicroSD card or add wireless connectivity

Written by Alex Watz

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