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Liberty Launches ‘InTouch’ System to Allow Independent Senior Citizens to Age Safely at Home

In Canada, the seniors’ population is predicted to nearly double by 2034. This presents a significant challenge for caregivers, government agencies and numerous other stakeholders. Allowing more of our elderly to “age in place” will be key in managing this social & economic reality. An online study in Alberta showed that 90% of respondents agreed with the statement, “I want to live in my own home during my senior years.”

Liberty’s InTouch system utilizes intelligent sensors to passively track and learn daily living habits of seniors to provide family & caregivers in-home activity information. Family members and caregivers can review activity, such as how much time is spent in bed or in a favorite chair, how often certain doors are opening and closing, or when motion is occurring in a particular room. Based on this information, rules can be set to identify anomalies and real-time notifications sent directly to the mobile device of caregivers.

The InTouch system is also a great application for existing seniors facilities. It can provide information to families about their loved ones activities at the care facility, while providing notifications and alerts to nursing staff.

“It can be very stressful for adult children to not know how their mom or dad is doing in between visits, whether they are still at home or in a facility. I know I’ve been there. My mom spent almost 20 years in extended care until she passed away. The guilt can consume you. Our goal is to help families and caregivers have information at their fingertips to know how their loved ones are doing. Are they doing fine, up and about and active, or are they slowing down, getting out of bed later, wandering in the night and so on? If there are changes in activity, these could be leading indicators of deteriorating health conditions. It’s not just a medical pendant, which is important when an emergency occurs – its much more. You are able to “look in” on your loved ones without actually being there. Then you can be armed with precious information for your next visit. This truly is revolutionary,” says Russell Keddie, Managing Partner at Liberty.

To read more about these exciting new developments in seniors’ care, check out our press release.

Written by Alex Watz

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