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Liberty Live’s New Best Friend: The Apple Watch

The wait is over for the Apple Watch, which was released to the public on April 24th, 2015. This exciting development in technology puts Liberty Live right at your fingertips…literally.

The new Apple Watch allows the wearer to read email, summon Siri and receive calls, Facebook and Twitter notifications without ever pulling out their smartphone. Even more exciting, our Liberty Live app leverages the unique features and innovative design of the Apple Watch to create new ways to connect you to your smart home.

We’ve designed Liberty Live to seamlessly connect to the Apple Watch so that controlling devices across your home, like the security system, locks, lights, garage door and thermostats is simple and intuitive. Checking your watch gives you a real-time view of what’s happening around your home. Customized alerts let you know about important activity around your property. Right from your wrist, you have instant access to see and control everything in your home. We can’t wait to hear your feedback…

Written by Alex Watz

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