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Liberty Protects Customer's Home from Extensive Water Damage

Our customer shares their story of how a leaking pipe in their basement rental unit was detected by a Liberty flood sensor in the middle of the night. This sensor triggered an automatic water shut off valve to turn off the water while our customer was asleep. Listen to their story below and learn how you can save money on your property insurance and expensive water damage repairs.

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“So we actually just got the system at the time, and kind of the reason why we got it was because of the water shut off because I have old pipes that leak and so I wanted just to make sure yeah we were protecting those and I also have renters in my basement so it was a little bit the ability to turn the water off without having to go downstairs was nice as well.  So those are kind of the reasons and then within I want to say a week and a half of getting it we had a pipe leak in our basement and still obviously damage and stuff but it wasn’t nearly what it was gonna be had the system not been installed so it was really good for that.  

“At the time the leak started in the night and we found out in the morning because the water wasn't on...

…honestly I wasn’t even thinking about it, you know that the system had shut it off, so in the morning I was like ‘oh that’s weird the water’s off’. I actually turned the water back on without even realizing that there was a reason why it was off and then I kind of realized and I went ‘oh shoot’ I had to turn it off again really quickly so it leaked again on me just cause I turned it on myself but it totally would have been a whole lot worse.”

Nathan T.
Liberty Security Customer - Lacombe, Alberta

Stop water damage before it starts

Water damage is the most common home insurance claim and one of the most costly

Your insurance provider knows that better than anyone. Many insurance companies will give you a discount on your premium when it’s installed in your home. Ask your insurance agent, or speak to our partners at Allstate to learn how Liberty's automatic water shut off valve and flood sensors could save you money.

Temperature Sensor

Receive low or high temperature alerts to avoid frozen water pipes.

Flood Sensor

Place these sensors anywhere that leaks might occur.

Automatic Water Shut Off

Receive low or high temperature alerts to avoid frozen water pipes.