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Water Dragon

Water Dragon Leak Detector and Monitor

The ‘Water Dragon’ is a whole-home water protection solution that uses ultrasonic technology to monitor water flow and detect leaks. The system alerts the property owner at the first sign of unexpected water activity, immediately detecting minor leaks so you can address them early on. Its advanced detection capabilities cover a spectrum of water flow intensities, ensuring that even the subtlest leaks are detected before they lead to costly repairs. 

The Water Dragon also serves as an early warning system for potential frozen pipes, preventing the catastrophic consequences of burst pipes and safeguarding your home from extensive water damage.

Choose the Water Dragon for proactive and comprehensive water protection.


  • Ultrasonic technology to monitor water flow throughout the property’s entire pipe system
  • Detects unusual water flow (low, medium and high)
  • Monitor water usage trends directly in the app
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can monitor pipe temperature and alert you to potential frozen pipes 

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