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adc-v724 security camera

Outdoor Camera

All the functionality of a standard security camera, plus 2-Way Audio. Allowing the home or business owner to speak to those being viewed as an added deterrent.  The camera also supports onboard recording with Smart View for continuous, local, encrypted recordings (MicroSD card not included). Additionally, it offers High Dynamic Range for improved light/dark contrast and is compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI networks. 

This camera integrates with our Liberty Live app to provide access to a range of features, such as video analytics that enable you to set up customized alerts based on detected activity.


  • 2 way audio
  • Audio is included in recorded clips 
  • 117° viewing angle
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Onboard recording
  • Compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI networks.


Does the camera require wifi?

Yes, the ADC V724 camera requires a Wi-Fi connection to function properly. It relies on Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate with your home network and the cloud servers, allowing you to remotely access the camera’s live feed, receive notifications, and access recorded footage.

Does this camera have built-in motion detection?

Yes, it is equipped with built-in motion detection capabilities. You can customize motion detection settings through our Liberty Live app to receive notifications when motion is detected in the camera’s field of view. This feature is particularly useful for home security purposes, alerting you to potential intruders or unexpected activity.

What is the maximum resolution supported?

This camera supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, providing high-definition video quality for clear and detailed footage. This resolution ensures that you can capture crisp images and videos, whether you’re monitoring your home during the day or at night with the camera’s infrared night vision capabilities.

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