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Client Situation:
With the population growing, the Town of Whitecourt decided it was time to invest in greater security protection for a number of their public buildings such as the Whitecourt Twin Arena, Community Resource Centre, Whitecourt Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Whitecourt Waste Water Treatment Plant, Town Office and Rotary Park.

They had some security measures in place in many of the locations, however it was not going to meet their needs any longer. This meant it was time for them to fully invest in protecting their buildings across one network. Some of the problems they were encountering were:

  • Partial or non-existent card access systems
  • Low quality security camera footage
  • Limited views from their cameras
  • Outdated intrusion detection equipment
  • Lack of full integration between their systems

The Solution:
The team at Liberty worked closely alongside the Town of Whitecourt in developing a system that would best meet all their needs and provide them with the security and peace of mind they needed. Liberty’s solution included:

  • Extensive camera placements to provide full coverage of all 6 buildings in high quality
  • High tech intrusion detection equipment in all locations to prevent and respond to break-ins
  • Full card access system to manage entry to restricted areas in the Whitecourt Twin Arena and the Community Resource Centre
  • Integration of all systems on cloud based app

Liberty has been working with the Town of Whitecourt in installing these security systems throughout the summer, and will be finished by the end of August.

The Benefits:
The Town of Whitecourt has immediately reaped the benefits of working with Liberty in the protection of their public buildings. These benefits include:

  • Complete high quality camera coverage of all buildings
  • Protection against any break-ins or disturbances with intrusion detection equipment
  • Complete control over who has access to any area of Whitecourt Twin Arenas and Community Resource Centre
  • Ability to monitor each location from Town Office

Written by Bryce Betcher

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