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Edmonton (July 14, 2014) Liberty is pleased to announce that we have achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

This certificate recognizes months of hard work by Liberty management and employees in developing, learning and following new procedures to enhance workplace safety.

“Going through this process has allowed us to formalize our safety culture. Safety is not only a big part of how we do business but also a key component of the services we deliver. COR is key for us as we continue to service government, healthcare and industry verticals moving forward” – Russell Keddie, Managing Partner at Liberty

What is COR?

COR is a Certificate of Recognition indicating the employer has implemented a health and safety program that is compliant with the standards established by the province and certified associations (Alberta Construction Safety Association, Alberta Safety Council, Enform and other certifying partners). This certification consists of a vigorous process of reviewing practices, making improvements, and ensuring company compliance with industry standards via a third party audit.

Why is it important?

By achieving COR certification, Liberty continues to position itself as a service provider committed to being safe, reliable and easy to do business with. COR certification demonstrates Liberty’s commitment to the safety of not only our employees – but also our clients, their customers and other trades we work alongside. Effective health and safety management systems have been shown to have an impact on reducing injuries in both the work place and at home. By eliminating the social and financial effects of injuries, we hope to enhance our competitive advantage while keeping our workers and clients safe.

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Written by Alex Watz

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