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Client Situation:
In the midst of citywide renovations across the Edmonton Public Libraries, officials recognized the need for an updated security and automation system. The outdated systems were no longer meeting their needs, especially with the extensive renovations that were taking place.

The issues they were encountering included:

  • No full integration between all security systems
  • Poor image quality, making facial recognition difficult
  • Not all areas properly covered by cameras
  • Outdated or non-existent card access systems

The Solution:
Once the unique situation at each Edmonton Public Library had been discussed and evaluated properly, a solution to their issues was designed by Liberty in accordance with Edmonton Public Library officials, utilizing our state of the art hardware and software security technology. Liberty’s solution included:

  • IP camera system to monitor the premises (Over 40 cameras at the Stanley A Milner Library)
  • Card Access System allowing complete control over who has access to specific locations at any time (To Over 50 doors at the Stanley A Milner Library)
  • Elevator Control System restricting access to certain floors
  • Intrusion Camera System guarding the premise from any disturbances
  • Full integration of all systems across every Edmonton Public Library on one cloud based app

Liberty’s solution at the Stanley A Milner Library was their largest ever library installation. It encompassed all 7 floors, with control to over 40 cameras protecting the entire premise, card access system to over 50 doors and an elevator control system.

Liberty has completed the installation of their security technology at 15 Edmonton Public Library locations, with 3 more locations to be completed in the near future. We have worked very closely with Edmonton Public Library officials in not only the design of the new systems to ensure that it meets all their needs, but also in the educating and training of employees to properly use the new technology to their full advantage.

The Benefits:
The Edmonton Public Libraries have received many great benefits from the installation of the new systems at their locations such as:

  • Unified and fully integrated security and access systems across all locations
  • Crack down on thefts and disturbances due to greater facial recognition ability from high quality cameras
  • Full camera coverage of their premises allowing complete monitoring of all their locations
  • Card access systems allowing control over who has access to what areas at all times of the day for complete protection of valuable assets and areas

Written by Bryce Betcher

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