Liberty Security

Looking For An Amazing Opportunity?

Our seasonal positions combine great pay with awesome incentives (see more about these below!). Perfect for students, for people who want to spend the winter travelling, or for anyone who is serious about starting a career with unlimited potential.

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One of the best things about working for Liberty are the incentives. Throughout the year we reward hard work with unbelievable prizes, including Gift certificates, Laptops, iPads, Trips, and so much more! WORK HARD, PLAY HARD.

Why Liberty?

We only hire & train the best, that’s why we have the industry’s leading numbers:

  • 97% of all accounts sold are funded
  • We pay out on our point bank giving you an opportunity to make more money
  • Our management team expects success and trains others to expect the same

Learn More

  • Promote our leading technology including Interactive Services, Home Automation, Energy Management and Two-Way voice to customers.
  • Learn from the best, that’s why we have the highest number of sales per rep in the industry.

Earn More

  • We pay more up front and more backend. Our pay scales are simple, clear and honest.
  • Our Incentives are not only the first class, but are accessible to all Reps. Some of our rookie reps earned thousands worth of rewards in trips, cash & electronics.

Be More

  • At Liberty you have room to grow and there are always options for you to make the next step in your career.
  • We treat our team like family. You’ll be meeting with the owners on a regular basis so your ideas are heard and you have an impact on how we do business.
  • We are a proud Canadian company that focuses on our customers. You can be confident that customers will be taken care of year round by industry professionals.


My first summer was hard, but what kept me going was knowing that in 4 months I could make more money than my friends that weren’t in school working year round jobs. I made my goals and worked my butt off to reach them. It just made my school year stress free.