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As a provider of smart home and business security and automation, Liberty’s mission is to protect and connect people. From burglary alarms, to smoke detectors and emergency panic buttons, we tailor every system to fit each individual’s needs.

We followed up with some of our customers after real emergency situations. Check out how Liberty has helped keep Canadian families safe:
When someone tried to break in to the Nattrass family’s home, Liberty got the RCMP to dispatch right away.

“What had happened was, someone was trying to break into our house. They were banging and banging and banging on the door and wouldn’t leave us alone. So we set the alarm off. Then, the guy phoned me right away, to see what was going on. So I told him, and then he called the RCMP.”

The fire department was dispatched right away when Devin’s fridge caught on fire.

“I woke up to the smell of an electrical fire. My fridge was on fire and [this] set off the alarm. The fire department was notified right away, it was all very fast.”

Joseph feels comfortable living on his own thanks to his Liberty home security and medical alert system.

“Every time that I’ve had to be rushed to the hospital, almost immediately after I indicated through the security system that I needed an ambulance, I’ve had no wait time at all. I’m very pleased with that. If I get sick in the night-time, or if I hear a noise at night that I can’t identify, I know I have the security system, and my security people will be with me almost immediately.”

Liberty was quick to respond when a fire alarm went off in Mary’s home.

“They got in touch with me and let me know the alarm had gone off in my house. I was about 15 minutes away so I came on home and when I got there the fire truck and everything was right behind me. I was amazed at the response and how quick they got here and was proud of them when they were ready to do anything.”

You are the reason we do what we do.