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A Trusted Home Security Company in Saskatoon

You expect your security company to provide you with comprehensive solutions to keep your home protected from intruders. At Liberty, we offer all the basics and much more, enhancing your home security and comfort. Our home security packages come with the option to include automation, energy management, and a variety of monitors.

Home Video Surveillance Saskatoon

If you’ve been searching for the best security company in Saskatoon, look no further than Liberty.

Home Security
We have a variety of choices for home security, allowing you to protect your property in a way that will make you feel safe at all times. As a security company, we offer everything you need to keep your home secure against intruders, which includes window, door, motion, and image sensors. We, however, take security to the next level by also providing you with monitoring capabilities for other risks:

-Our fire alarms activate whenever smoke or rising temperatures are detected. We receive the alarm at our security company monitoring centre and send help immediately.

-Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can leak from appliances. Trust that our home security company will be monitoring for the odorless substance at all times. We will contact you and send help if we detect any gas.

-By installing flood sensors in the basement, laundry room, and other high risk areas, you can prevent floods and water damage. This will save you money and stress.

-Extreme cold can cause pipes to freeze, whereas overheating your home is costly. An extreme temperature sensor from our security company can detect both and warn you in time.

Home Automation
Our home security company takes your safety and comfort to the next level by also offering home automation. Better still, you will be able to monitor and control all the aspects of your home automation from the same place as your security features — the Liberty smartphone app.

With home automation, you can enjoy the convenience of features that include:

-Lighting and small appliance control to schedule when a light or appliance should turn on or off.

-A smart door lock and keyless entry to stop worrying that a family member may have left your home unlocked. This also tells you when someone has unlocked the door and allows you to give visitors temporary access codes.

-Garage door control to open and close your garage no matter where you are, even if you’re outside of Saskatoon.

Energy Management
Finally, we offer energy management solutions, all through our home security company. Saskatoon residents can use energy management features to reduce their utility bills and reduce their environmental impact.

Our energy management solutions include a smart thermostat that allows you to set a schedule for the heating and cooling of your home. You can also change the settings in advance, when necessary. Our smart thermostat even comes with a lock, meaning no one will be able to change your settings without your permission.

You can also turn lights on and off to control the amount of energy you use or to make it look as though someone is at home. You can also turn small appliances on and off.

One final feature of our energy management is arming reminders. These make sure you only turn on your security system when necessary, but also ensure that you never forget to arm the system.

Contact us today to discover how a Liberty system will protect your home and provide you with the peace of mind you need.