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Your Home Security Company in Edmonton

Liberty is a trusted security company, committed to ensuring Edmonton residents feel protected in their homes. We offer a wide range of features to keep you safe from all types of risks and to allow you to monitor your property from wherever you are. Pick and choose items that best fit your lifestyle by selecting a home security package that’s the perfect solution for your property and your family.

Home Video Surveillance Edmonton

Advanced Voice Security
As an experienced home security company, Liberty offers an Advanced Voice Security package to enhance your ability to communicate with our monitoring centre in the event of an emergency. We offer two-way communication with our security company in Edmonton.
Ideal for preventing intruders, our home security package includes door, window, and motion sensors. It also offers the basic features necessary for any home, like a smoke detector, flood and freeze sensor, and key fob. If you prefer, you can customize your package to include a carbon monoxide sensor, garage door sensor, or glass break sensor.

Live Interactive
To go a step further, our home security company offers a Live Interactive package. This has all the above plus a few additional features, allowing you to manage your security from your mobile device or computer. For instance, you will have remote Internet and smartphone app access and control, geo services, arming reminders, and activity alerts.

When it comes to choosing a home security company, Edmonton residents know that enhanced features like Live Interactive from Liberty will go the extra mile to keep their homes protected, no matter where they are.

Energy Control
Home security and energy control go hand in hand — and you can control both from the Liberty smartphone app. We have a package for you that will lower your energy costs while heightening your home security. It features all the items from the Live Interactive package as well as a thermostat lock, activity alerts, smart heating and cooling schedules, and more.

Full Home Automation
If you want to do more than manage energy usage, the Full Home Automation package could be the right option for you. Our security company offers this package for homeowners who want total control over their homes, wherever they are. It also has everything you could possibly need to secure your property from intruders and unwanted callers and to protect your family from fire and floods.

Smart Lock
If you also need to be able to lock and unlock your door remotely (or you just want to be able to access your home without the need for a key), our security company has the solution. With the Smart Lock package from Liberty, you will even receive notifications when your door is unlocked. Plus, you can remotely arm and disarm the entire security system.

Liberty is a trusted security company that has employed years of experience and research to offer home owners a range of security and automation solutions that provide them with peace of mind and flexibility. Contact us today to discover how a Liberty security package will provide the protection you need against a wide variety of threats.