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Your Home Security Company in Calgary

The reason many homeowners seek a security company in Calgary is to protect their property from crime and intruders. Liberty is a trusted home security company that specializes in preventing break-ins and keeping Calgary families safe. We offer many features designed just for this purpose in addition to essentials like a keypad, siren, control panel, and warning decals. Liberty will take your home security to a new level.

Home Video Surveillance Calgary

Door and Window Sensors
One way an intruder might try to access your home is by picking locks or opening and climbing through a window. We can install magnets on your doors and windows and sensors on their frames. When your security system is armed, a magnetic current will flow through the sensor and magnet. If the current is disturbed, the alarm will activate. This will notify you and the monitoring centre at our home security company, enabling us to send support immediately.

Glass Break Detector
Another way an intruder could try to enter your home is by breaking glass. Liberty offers glass break detectors for this very reason. Our detectors are programmed to pick up on the sound of glass breaking and will sound the alarm.

Motion Sensor
When you choose Liberty as your security company, you can trust that our motion sensors are protecting you, even while you sleep. If these detectors pick up any movement, they will notify our home security company. Calgary residents with pets that weigh less than 40 pounds can also benefit from this home security feature, but those with larger pets may wish to consider a glass break detector instead.

Image Sensor
We can enhance your home security even further with image sensors. These are the same as motion sensors, but they include a still camera. If the sensors detect any movement in your home, you can check the cause by looking at the images. This way, you can let our security company know if you need help or if the movement was a false alarm.

Video Surveillance
A final way to maintain home security is through video surveillance. This will show you and our security company if anyone is trying to access your home. You can install video surveillance cameras anywhere around your home, but the most common choice is near the door.

You can combine video surveillance with a smart doorbell. When there’s any movement near the door, the cameras will activate. If someone presses the doorbell, you can check the caller’s identity, giving you the opportunity to ignore unwanted callers or alert our monitoring centre about a potential threat. If you need to confirm someone’s identity or provide the caller with instructions (such as for a delivery), you can use the built-in two-way audio. Use your smartphone to speak to the person at your door, even when you’re away from home.

Now’s the time to equip your home with the security system it needs to protect you and your family.