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An Experienced Security Alarm Company in Saskatoon

The quality and variety we offer through our security systems makes Liberty a leading alarm company in Saskatoon. Whether you’re looking to secure your home against intruders or you want to protect the employees at your business, we have the solution for you.

Burglar Alarms
At Liberty, we offer both residential and commercial burglar alarms. In either case, you will receive features like a keypad, siren, and control panel. Homeowners can show potential intruders that their property is protected with lawn signs, whereas businesses can use warning decals.

To enhance your burglar alarm, consider including some additional features available through our security alarm company. Saskatoon residents can add window sensors, glass break detectors, door sensors, or motion sensors to their system to maximize their security and peace of mind.

CCTV Systems
Our alarm company can also install video surveillance anywhere on your property. Homeowners often like to combine camera systems with a smart doorbell. A smart doorbell functions just like a regular doorbell, but when it senses movement, the camera activates. This allows you to identify and screen callers.

Businesses, on the other hand, find CCTV systems useful for promoting accountability and preventing theft at the workplace. Video surveillance also makes businesses safer for employees. You will be able to view video footage from the Liberty app, no matter where you are.

Fire Detectors
Fire is one of the greatest threats to a home or a business. Our fire detectors activate your alarm system in the case of smoke, high temperatures, and rapidly rising temperatures.

Extreme Temperature Sensors
Extreme temperatures can be a sign that your heating and cooling system is broken. This can lead to devastating results. For instance, extreme cold can cause pipes to freeze. Temperatures that are too high or too low can damage business equipment. For this reason, our alarm company offers extreme temperature sensors in all our security systems. You will not only receive an alert to your phone, we will also notice the change and, if necessary, send support.

Flood Sensors
Another risk to any Saskatoon property is flooding. Even a small amount of water can mean significant damage. For this reason, our alarm company offers flood sensors for all Saskatoon homes and businesses. We will install the sensors in high risk areas and be ready to provide you with support at any time.

Activity Alerts
You can set your security system to alert you of particular activities. For instance, a home alarm can tell you when your front door is unlocked or if your garage door is left open for an extended amount of time.

Businesses have a huge number of options for activity alerts from our alarm company. Saskatoon companies can use the function to find out when their business opens, when their security system is armed, if a restricted area is accessed, which employees have entered the premises, and more.

Keyless Entry
When we install your security system, you can choose keyless entry. For businesses, this means you no longer need to change the locks every time an employee leaves the company. For homes, keyless entry means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your child or a housekeeper remembered to lock up before leaving. Plus, you can use this feature to provide visitors with a temporary access code.

Liberty gives you the freedom and options you need to select an alarm system that’s right for your property. Call us today to learn more.