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Your Security Alarm Company in Edmonton

Whether you’re looking to protect your home or your business, you need a trusted security alarm company. Edmonton residents choose Liberty for our high-quality security alarms and the convenience of customizing the systems to fit their unique needs.

The Fundamentals
Our alarm company has all the basics covered, offering homeowners and business owners in Edmonton everything they need to keep their properties safe from common threats. This includes features like a touchscreen keypad, window and door sensors, and a fire alarm.

Customization Options
To take security to the next level, you can add a number of other items to your system. Some of the most popular features our alarm company offers are the following.

For Homes
To help Edmonton residents feel more secure in their homes, our alarm company offers the option to include additional sensors, including motion sensors, image sensors, glass break detectors, and carbon monoxide sensors. You can also include a smart doorbell to see who is at your door without needing to get up to check — you will even receive a notification that you have a caller when you’re away from home.

In addition to heightening security, we allow customization of alarm system features for home automation and energy management. For instance, you can add a smart thermostat to set heating and cooling schedules. Another option is lighting and small appliance control — you can turn these on and off from your smartphone or tablet.

For Businesses
Our security features for businesses include options like video surveillance and fire panel monitoring. Our alarm company also provide solutions to improve productivity and accountability, such as for notifications of key events. Ensure your business has opened on time, monitor if a door to a restricted area was opened, and more.

To protect your employees and assets, we offer the chance to include real-time location services in our alarms. You can monitor locations from your Liberty app or we will monitor everything for you, even sending support if a worker needs assistance.

Customize your system further by including features like phone systems or audio and visual equipment.

For Seniors
Want more peace of mind from your alarm company? Edmonton families can rest assured that their loved ones are taken care of, whether the relative lives alone at home or in an assisted living facility. Our alarm systems can track an individual’s activities to ensure your family member is safe at all times.

When they choose to work with our alarm company, Edmonton seniors can receive a medical alert alarm to notify emergency services if and when they need help. Other features offered to seniors in Edmonton include all the detectors available in our home security packages as well as video, nurse call, wander protection, asset management, and more.

Create a custom package that provides an optimal security solution for you and your home or business. Contact us today.