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Home Video Surveillance – Saskatoon

When you choose video surveillance from Liberty, you receive all the features you need to maximize the security of your home. Customize your system with additional features to bring greater peace of mind to you and your family.

Doorbell Security Cameras

Liberty Security Video Surveillance
All of our Saskatoon clients will enjoy the following benefits when they choose home video surveillance:

Remote Monitoring
No matter where you are, you can keep track of your home video surveillance. Saskatoon homeowners often use this feature to keep an eye on their properties when they’re out of town or at work for the day, but it’s also useful if you hear strange noises in the night or if you wish to monitor young children or pets in another room. For added convenience, you can program your system to send an alert if and when a camera detects movement.

Professional Monitoring
We monitor our security systems 24 hours a day. If we notice anything unusual, we will notify you immediately via phone, email, or the Liberty app. If there is concern for your safety, we will send the appropriate authorities to assist you.

High Quality Image
The image produced by our cameras is high quality in any type of lighting. This enables you to identify people or, in the case of a potential intruder, provide relevant information to your local police.

We will set up your cameras, along with the rest of you Liberty system. Our experienced team ensures cameras are positioned at the best angle, taking the unique needs of your property into consideration and providing you with optimal protection.

Extra Features
We also offer the following options to enhance video surveillance:

Motion Detection
We include motion detectors in strategic places, inside your home and out. These will activate whenever your alarm is armed, sending you notifications if there is any unexpected movement. You can then turn to your video footage to determine the source.

This option is suitable for families with pets weighing up to 20 pounds. For larger pets, it’s better to use sound detection, which will trigger the alarm if glass breaks, for instance.

Smart Home Integration
You can combine our home video surveillance systems with smart home integration. This allows you to control everything from the Liberty app. You can turn the cameras on and off from the same place you manage lighting, small appliances, and your thermostat.

Two-Way Audio
With two-way audio, you can speak to whomever approaches the camera. This is useful for numerous applications, including talking to someone who rings your doorbell, communicating with your kids, and consoling your pets. You can also use two-way audio to give instructions to anyone from delivery workers to babysitters.

We offer a completely wireless option for fast installation and ease of use. However, if you prefer a wired system, that is also an option.

Additional Security Features
Video surveillance works in conjunction with a number of other security features in a Liberty system. To further enhance the safety of your Saskatoon home, choose add-ons like keyless entry, smart door locks, and image sensors.

Discover the many ways you and your home will benefit from a Liberty Security system. Call us today to learn more.