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Home Video Surveillance – Calgary

Including video surveillance cameras in your Liberty home security system takes protection to another level. Even if someone nears your Calgary property or exhibits suspicious behaviour, you will be able to share the footage with your local police.

Doorbell Security Cameras

Why You Need Home Video Surveillance

Crime Deterrent
Visible video surveillance is a greater deterrent than an alarm alone. Just seeing a camera on your property is often enough to stop a potential intruder. Plus, when a camera is combined with all the other elements of a comprehensive security system, it’s difficult for someone to successfully break into your home and commit a crime.

Make Claims
Video surveillance footage supports your case and aids in investigations if and when a break-in occurs. You can also make use of video footage for an insurance claim or to receive a refund if, for instance, a package arrives and the contents are broken.

Identify Callers
You can integrate home video surveillance with a smart doorbell to see who has arrived before you decide whether or not to answer. You can even use this function when you are away from home by accessing the video footage on the Liberty app. This is useful for tasks like giving a delivery person instructions or providing a guest with a temporary access passcode to enter your home.

Monitor Your Kids
Video surveillance enables you to see that your children have arrived home safely. With a Liberty system, you can combine video surveillance with notifications when the front door is unlocked. These two features are excellent for checking your children’s whereabouts when you’re at work, and they make it possible to confirm they are not bringing anyone to your home without your knowledge.

Another option is to add a nanny camera to your home video surveillance. Calgary parents often choose this to confirm their young children are receiving proper care from a babysitter or nanny. Whether you’ve just hired a new caregiver or neglect or abuse are a concern, this may be a feature to consider.

Peace of Mind
The ability to check video footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer gives you peace of mind, any time of the day or night. Plus, when you own a Liberty system, you know that the camera will detect any movement or irregular activity and send you a notification immediately.

Calgary homeowners choose Liberty because they can trust us to provide them with a reliable security system that includes high-quality cameras. When you install a Liberty system, you know that your family and property are protected at all times. Contact us today to learn more.