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Your Source for the Best Home Security System – Saskatoon

With basic home security, Saskatoon residents receive an alarm and some equipment to protect them from break-ins. With an upgrade, you may also receive some cameras and home automation features. This, however, is far from comprehensive protection – you need the best home security system. Saskatoon homeowners choose Liberty for their home security needs because we go above and beyond to provide the comprehensive solutions needed to properly protect homes from a variety of threats.

Our security system is a comprehensive solution suitable for any Saskatoon resident. In addition to theft prevention, we offer home security to safeguard against fire, floods, water damage, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more.

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Fire Security System
A fire in your home can be devastating. It can quickly destroy your entire property and put your family at risk of serious injury or even death. Our home security system can include a smoke/heat detector, which will notice if the temperature in your home rises rapidly and will activate an alarm.

Your security system will also alert the nearest fire and rescue team in Saskatoon, sending the professionals to your property immediately. This function works even when you’re away from home — including if you’re out of Saskatoon entirely — and when your home security system is disarmed.

Flooding and Water Damage
Flooding can occur due to extreme weather conditions, but it can also happen when a pipe or appliance leaks. In either case, flooding can cause extensive damage and the need for expensive repairs. To avoid this, we can include flood sensors in your home security system. Saskatoon homeowners usually ask us to install these sensors in high-risk areas like the laundry room, near the basement drain, and by the sump pump.

Carbon Monoxide Home Security System
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas. To make matters worse, it’s odorless — there’s no way of knowing that you have a leak without a carbon monoxide sensor. For this reason, it’s critical that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your Saskatoon home.

We include carbon monoxide detectors as an option for all of our Saskatoon clients. If you choose this feature, we will monitor for carbon monoxide in your home at all times. We will dispatch help immediately if we detect any gas.

Extreme Temperatures
If your thermostat stops working during the cold winter months, your pipes could freeze, causing significant damage to your Saskatoon home. To avoid such problems, you need a home security system with temperature monitoring. Few systems offer this as a service, but an exception is the Liberty home security system. Saskatoon residents can receive a notification when indoor temperatures approach 7 degrees Celsius, allowing them to take action in time.

Above are just a few of the many features you can receive with our security systems. Saskatoon homeowners can pick even more items to enhance their home security in a way that fits their lifestyle. For instance, we offer home automation, energy management, and even intrusion protection like image sensors as part of our security systems. Saskatoon residents can choose the features they need and want to feel safe.

Call us today to discover all of the ways our security systems can be customized to protect your home, too.