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Your Source for the Best Home Security System – Edmonton

No longer a luxury that’s complicated or difficult to use, Edmonton home owners can now access security systems that are designed according to their lifestyles, budgets and needs.

A security system that is user-friendly yet provides the comprehensive protection you’re looking for is the best home security system. Edmonton homeowners choose Liberty for this very reason.

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What Makes an Easy-to-Use Home Security System?

Simplicity is a defining factor of the best security system. Edmonton residents appreciate that Liberty systems have everything they need — and nothing more. This makes it easy to resolve problems quickly and to know that your home is always secure.

Customization is one thing that everyone looks for in a home security system. Edmonton homeowners choose Liberty because our security system is completely customizable. Choose between our five residential packages for the basics and then select the additional features that are necessary for your lifestyle. Enjoy peace of mind that you’re receiving the best possible protection without any of the ‘extras’ that can make home security confusing.

Support with Usage
The last thing you want is to receive a complicated security system that is difficult to start using. We install everything for you, from the wall-mounted keypads and sirens to the control panels and back-up batteries.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose between wireless, hardwired, and hybrid security systems. Edmonton homeowners can rest assured that our team of professionals have designed their home security system for optimal usability.

Device Control
Check to see if your property is secure, no matter where you are, whether you’re in Edmonton or out of town. Access your Liberty home security system from any type of device, including a smartphone, tablet or computer.
With our security systems, Edmonton homeowners can also use their devices to turn their home security on or off, lock or unlock deadbolts, switch appliances and lights on or off, and open garage doors. There’s even the option to program these actions to happen automatically at a specific time.

Professional Monitoring
Professional monitoring improves the performance of your home security. Edmonton home owners want to know that their property is protected, whether their family is at home or away, and at Liberty, we offer professional monitoring for a full range of threats, including:

-Intrusion — After assessing your home, we will determine how to best protect your property from intruders and note where we need to keep watch.

-Fire — We will send a fire and rescue team to your home immediately, if we detect any signs of smoke or fire.

-Carbon monoxide — Only a CO monitoring system can detect this deadly gas. If we notice any causes for concern, we will send help immediately, whether or not you’re at home.

-Flooding — Flood sensors inform us if there is water in the basement, laundry room, or other high-risk areas of your home.

-Extreme temperatures — We will alert you if we notice any abnormally high or low temperatures.

When it comes to a home security system, Edmonton home owners know they can count on Liberty to keep thing simple, providing everything they need in a system that’s reliable, customizable, and always monitoring for a range of threats. Contact us today to learn more.