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Your Choice for the Best Home Security System – Calgary

If you have been using the same security system to protect your home for several years, it’s time to discover all that’s possible with Liberty’s latest systems. Today’s technology is vastly superior to what was possible with early security systems. Calgary residents now have the option to receive home security that monitors a wide variety of risks.

When you’re choosing a security system, you don’t want something average — you want the best security system. Calgary homeowners choose Liberty because they know that we go above and beyond to provide a hi-tech yet easy to use security system that they can count on.

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Our Hi-Tech Home Security System
Our system utilizes the latest technology to offer an all-in-one home security, automation, and energy management solution. These are just a few ways our home security system uses modern technology to bring you the best possible security solution:

For Security
We offer wireless, wired, and hybrid security systems. Calgary residents receive equipment that includes a control panel, backup battery, keypad, siren and more. Everything is brand new; we provide all our Calgary clients with their own equipment rather than renting them a previously used home security system. Calgary property owners can trust Liberty to provide the equipment they need for the best possible protection.

For Automation
Automation features are included in every Liberty home security system. Calgary residents can benefit from smart home functionality to carry out tasks like setting lights or appliances to turn on or off at specific times.

For Energy Management
All of our packages feature energy management. With a tab in the Liberty app that’s dedicated entirely to energy management, our system helps you cut energy usage, lowering your utility bills and reducing your environmental footprint.

Receive the features you want and need by choosing a package that fits your lifestyle. If energy management is a top concern, consider our energy control package. Let us help you build a personalized package that provides you with the peace of mind you’re looking for.

You can monitor the safety and security of your Calgary home wherever you are by using a mobile device or checking on your computer. In the event that your system detects a threat, you will receive an alert by call, text, or email. We will monitor your home security at all times.

This monitoring service is just one of the many features that make our home security system the best home security system Calgary has to offer.

We monitor your Calgary home for the following:

After assessing your home for high risk points, we provide you with the appropriate home security to warn you if someone is trying to break into your Calgary home. We will stay on alert for any warning signs and send help if we believe there is any chance of an attempted intrusion.

Fire reporting is fundamental for home security. Calgary homeowners can benefit from the backup battery in our system, which ensures that your fire alarm is always working. Plus, if we ever detect smoke, we will send a fire and rescue team immediately.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is odorless and deadly. If there’s a leak in your home, you need emergency help – fast. Our system gives you just that.

Our sensors can detect water early, allowing you to resolve the problem before water damage can occur.

Abnormal Temperature Changes
Abnormal temperatures are always a risk in Calgary, where homes can incur serious damage if a thermostat fails to work properly. As we monitor your system, we will be watching for dramatic temperature changes that can put your home and your family at risk.

If you live in Calgary and you’re looking for the best possible security solution for your needs and budget, contact us today.