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Revolutionize the Way You Live with a Home Automation System

With home automation from Liberty, you will receive all the services you need to set and control basic functions in your home, whether you live in Saskatoon or Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary or beyond. You can automate lights, your thermostat, and even small appliances to improve the comfort and security of your property – all from your mobile device. There’s no need for a landline, only GSM.

These are just a few of the home automation services we offer:

Lighting and Appliances

Use our light and appliance module to control lighting or any small appliance through home automation. Calgary residents and others can create a custom schedule for when a light or appliance should turn on to fit with their daily routines. You can change the schedule at any time to activate lighting or appliances wherever you are, even if you’re out of the country.

Smart Door Lock

When it comes to home automation, Edmonton residents and others choose the Smart Door Lock feature for greater peace of mind. You can lock or unlock a door when you’re away from home — everything can be controlled from your smartphone!

This home automation feature is also excellent for parents who are unable to be home when their children arrive, as you will receive a notification by text or email when someone unlocks your door. Plus, you can even create a temporary lock access code to allow someone to access your property if you’re unable to be there to open the door.

Garage Door Control

You’re certainly not alone if you’ve ever forgotten to shut the garage door! For this reason, garage door control is also an option for our home automation. Calgary residents and others can monitor and manage their garage doors from wherever they are, as well as checking if the door is open. If your garage door stays open for an extended period of time, the Liberty home automation system will send you an alert.

Smart Thermostat

By including a smart thermostat in their home automation, Edmonton residents and others can set smart heating and cooling schedules. When you arrive home, you will find your property at the ideal temperature — without the need to keep your heating or cooling system running all day. Plus, if you need to return home earlier or later than usual, you can just adjust the home automation setup from your smartphone.

Smart thermostats do more than just improve comfort — you will also save money on your energy bills and lower your environmental impact when you utilize this form of home automation. Saskatoon residents and others can now create a green home more easily than ever before.

At Liberty, we even go a step further by including a smart thermostat lock. This means that no one can change your settings without your permission. It’s a great feature if you wish to prevent children and guests from tampering with the thermostat.

Discover the many ways you, too, can benefit from home automation. Contact us to learn more.