Liberty Security

Smart Home Security Systems

Liberty utilizes the latest technology to provide Security, Automation, and Energy Management solutions customized to fit your lifestyle.

From your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can arm or disarm the system, lock and unlock deadbolts, control your thermostat, turn on and off appliances and lights and even close and open the overhead garage door. Or you can just program it all to happen on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.


Liberty Security provides customizable residential packages for wireless, hard wired, or hybrid home security and alarm systems. Each package contains items that can be substituted for other items of equal value and will be designed by a trained security professional. All systems include a wall mounted keypad, siren, control panel, back up battery, lawn signs, and warning decals. And best of all, we don’t loan or rent our equipment like some companies, it’s yours to keep!


We monitor everything because anything can happen

Our home security systems are easy to operate and can be customized to fit your lifestyle. We can install wired, wireless or a combination of devices that best suit your needs. Liberty Security understands the importance of protecting and securing what you love and value. A monitored security system can protect your family and home from the following:

Annually, 1.2 million Canadians fall victim to a property crime and 300,000 are victims of a violent crime (1). Liberty Security will complete a security assessment and develop a complete solution that protects you from unwanted intruders.

In 37% of the homes where fire and death occur, the smoke alarm was inoperable due to the battery (2). Liberty Security can ensure a monitored smoke detector is always working and if fire is detected, Monitronics will dispatch a fire and rescue crew to your house within minutes – whether you are there or not.

CO poisoning causes over 300 deaths annually in North America (3). CO is colorless, odorless, and undetectable by humans, but with a monitored CO detector, it will sense it immediately. You will be contacted immediately and emergency help will be sent if required.

Flood related insurance claims in Canada are estimated to be $140 million per year (4). Early notification can prevent or reduce the effects of flood-related damage. Liberty Security can install flood sensors in the basement, laundry room, or any other location where water damage may occur.

Liberty Security can install temperature sensors that monitor abnormal changes in temperature, alerting and saving you from a costly and unfortunate outcome, resulting from overheating or freezing.

(1) Crime Statistics in Canada, 2005 (Statistics Canada), (2) News Canada, (3) Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC), 2000, (4) Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Home Video Surveillance Calgary

Home Video Surveillance – Calgary

Including video surveillance cameras in your Liberty home security system takes protection to another level. Even if someone nears your Calgary property or exhibits suspicious behaviour, you will be able to share the footage with your local police.

Why You Need Home Video Surveillance

Crime Deterrent
Visible video surveillance is a greater deterrent than an alarm alone. Just seeing a camera on your property is often enough to stop a potential intruder. Plus, when a camera is combined with all the other elements of a comprehensive security system, it’s difficult for someone to successfully break into your home and commit a crime.

Make Claims
Video surveillance footage supports your case and aids in investigations if and when a break-in occurs. You can also make use of video footage for an insurance claim or to receive a refund if, for instance, a package arrives and the contents are broken.

Identify Callers
You can integrate home video surveillance with a smart doorbell to see who has arrived before you decide whether or not to answer. You can even use this function when you are away from home by accessing the video footage on the Liberty app. This is useful for tasks like giving a delivery person instructions or providing a guest with a temporary access passcode to enter your home.

Monitor Your Kids
Video surveillance enables you to see that your children have arrived home safely. With a Liberty system, you can combine video surveillance with notifications when the front door is unlocked. These two features are excellent for checking your children’s whereabouts when you’re at work, and they make it possible to confirm they are not bringing anyone to your home without your knowledge.

Another option is to add a nanny camera to your home video surveillance. Calgary parents often choose this to confirm their young children are receiving proper care from a babysitter or nanny. Whether you’ve just hired a new caregiver or neglect or abuse are a concern, this may be a feature to consider.

Peace of Mind
The ability to check video footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer gives you peace of mind, any time of the day or night. Plus, when you own a Liberty system, you know that the camera will detect any movement or irregular activity and send you a notification immediately.

Calgary homeowners choose Liberty because they can trust us to provide them with a reliable security system that includes high-quality cameras. When you install a Liberty system, you know that your family and property are protected at all times. Contact us today to learn more.

Home Video Surveillance Edmonton

Home Video Surveillance – Edmonton

Equipping the security system for your Edmonton home with video surveillance is an excellent way to protect your family and your property. Not all home video surveillance systems are created equal, however. For a system that provides total peace of mind, look no further than Liberty Security.

Video Surveillance from Liberty Security

Camera Quality
Video surveillance is only worthwhile if you can clearly see the image. Our cameras offer top-quality picture, making it easy to identify people and to see what they’re doing. This is possible even at night and in poor lighting.

Our cameras use motion detection to know when to start filming and when to alert you of movement. In addition, they’re resistant to all types of weather and will continue working in rain, wind, and snow. Combined with a reliable connection, this means that our cameras will never fail.

Other Equipment
We provide you with other equipment in addition to cameras to create a comprehensive security system. For instance, two-way audio allows you to communicate with callers. You can use this feature even when you’re away from home, such as to provide instructions to a delivery person. Another feature is a siren — if someone does try to break into your home, the alarm will sound.

Liberty systems are affordable for people with a wide range of budgets. We’re able to create a security package that fits your needs, with nothing more and nothing less.

The Liberty App
The Liberty App enables you to check your cameras from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use the app wherever you are, including when you’re at home. For instance, if you want to combine video surveillance with a smart doorbell, you can check who has arrived at your home and decide if you want to answer the door or ignore it. In addition, you will receive notifications to your device if we detect any cause for concern, such as unexpected activity.

Monitoring Service
As well as providing you with access to your camera footage at any time and place, we monitor your home video surveillance and the rest of your security system, providing total protection.

Installation Included
When you choose Liberty, professional installation is included as part of the service. We will first discuss your security concerns and then use our expert knowledge to install cameras and other equipment in the optimal locations. Trust our trained and experienced team to install a system that’s ready to perform at all times.

When it comes to your home and your family, don’t settle for less than the best home video surveillance. Edmonton homeowners choose Liberty because they know they can trust us to provide a solution that meets their needs, offers high-quality equipment, and includes 24/7 monitoring. Call us for more information.

Home Video Surveillance Saskatoon

Home Video Surveillance – Saskatoon

When you choose video surveillance from Liberty, you receive all the features you need to maximize the security of your home. Customize your system with additional features to bring greater peace of mind to you and your family.

Liberty Security Video Surveillance
All of our Saskatoon clients will enjoy the following benefits when they choose home video surveillance:

Remote Monitoring
No matter where you are, you can keep track of your home video surveillance. Saskatoon homeowners often use this feature to keep an eye on their properties when they’re out of town or at work for the day, but it’s also useful if you hear strange noises in the night or if you wish to monitor young children or pets in another room. For added convenience, you can program your system to send an alert if and when a camera detects movement.

Professional Monitoring
We monitor our security systems 24 hours a day. If we notice anything unusual, we will notify you immediately via phone, email, or the Liberty app. If there is concern for your safety, we will send the appropriate authorities to assist you.

High Quality Image
The image produced by our cameras is high quality in any type of lighting. This enables you to identify people or, in the case of a potential intruder, provide relevant information to your local police.

We will set up your cameras, along with the rest of you Liberty system. Our experienced team ensures cameras are positioned at the best angle, taking the unique needs of your property into consideration and providing you with optimal protection.

Extra Features
We also offer the following options to enhance video surveillance:

Motion Detection
We include motion detectors in strategic places, inside your home and out. These will activate whenever your alarm is armed, sending you notifications if there is any unexpected movement. You can then turn to your video footage to determine the source.

This option is suitable for families with pets weighing up to 20 pounds. For larger pets, it’s better to use sound detection, which will trigger the alarm if glass breaks, for instance.

Smart Home Integration
You can combine our home video surveillance systems with smart home integration. This allows you to control everything from the Liberty app. You can turn the cameras on and off from the same place you manage lighting, small appliances, and your thermostat.

Two-Way Audio
With two-way audio, you can speak to whomever approaches the camera. This is useful for numerous applications, including talking to someone who rings your doorbell, communicating with your kids, and consoling your pets. You can also use two-way audio to give instructions to anyone from delivery workers to babysitters.

We offer a completely wireless option for fast installation and ease of use. However, if you prefer a wired system, that is also an option.

Additional Security Features
Video surveillance works in conjunction with a number of other security features in a Liberty system. To further enhance the safety of your Saskatoon home, choose add-ons like keyless entry, smart door locks, and image sensors.

Discover the many ways you and your home will benefit from a Liberty Security system. Call us today to learn more.

Home Security Systems Edmonton | Liberty Security

Your Source for the Best Home Security System – Edmonton

No longer a luxury that’s complicated or difficult to use, Edmonton home owners can now access security systems that are designed according to their lifestyles, budgets and needs.

A security system that is user-friendly yet provides the comprehensive protection you’re looking for is the best home security system. Edmonton homeowners choose Liberty for this very reason.

What Makes an Easy-to-Use Home Security System?

Simplicity is a defining factor of the best security system. Edmonton residents appreciate that Liberty systems have everything they need — and nothing more. This makes it easy to resolve problems quickly and to know that your home is always secure.

Customization is one thing that everyone looks for in a home security system. Edmonton homeowners choose Liberty because our security system is completely customizable. Choose between our five residential packages for the basics and then select the additional features that are necessary for your lifestyle. Enjoy peace of mind that you’re receiving the best possible protection without any of the ‘extras’ that can make home security confusing.

Support with Usage
The last thing you want is to receive a complicated security system that is difficult to start using. We install everything for you, from the wall-mounted keypads and sirens to the control panels and back-up batteries.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose between wireless, hardwired, and hybrid security systems. Edmonton homeowners can’t rest assured that our team of professionals have designed their home security system for optimal usability.

Device Control
Check to see if your property is secure, no matter where you are, whether you’re in Edmonton or out of town. Access your Liberty home security system from any type of device, including a smartphone, tablet or computer.
With our security systems, Edmonton homeowners can also use their devices to turn their home security on or off, lock or unlock deadbolts, switch appliances and lights on or off, and open garage doors. There’s even the option to program these actions to happen automatically at a specific time.

Professional Monitoring
Professional monitoring improves the performance of your home security. Edmonton home owners want to know that their property is protected, whether their family is at home or away, and at Liberty, we offer professional monitoring for a full range of threats, including:

- Intrusion — After assessing your home, we will determine how to best protect your property from intruders and note where we need to keep watch.

- Fire — We will send a fire and rescue team to your home immediately, if we detect any signs of smoke or fire.

- Carbon monoxide — Only a CO monitoring system can detect this deadly gas. If we notice any causes for concern, we will send help immediately, whether or not you’re at home.

- Flooding — Flood sensors inform us if there is water in the basement, laundry room, or other high-risk areas of your home.

- Extreme temperatures — We will alert you if we notice any abnormally high or low temperatures.

When it comes to a home security system, Edmonton home owners know they can count on Liberty to keep thing simple, providing everything they need in a system that’s reliable, customizable, and always monitoring for a range of threats. Contact us today to learn more.

Home Security Systems Calgary | Liberty Security

Your Choice for the Best Home Security System – Calgary

If you have been using the same security system to protect your home for several years, it’s time to discover all that’s possible with Liberty’s latest systems. Today’s technology is vastly superior to what was possible with early security systems. Calgary residents now have the option to receive home security that monitors a wide variety of risks.

When you’re choosing a security system, you don’t want something average — you want the best security system. Calgary homeowners choose Liberty because they know that we go above and beyond to provide a hi-tech yet easy to use security system that they can count on.

Our Hi-Tech Home Security System
Our system utilizes the latest technology to offer an all-in-one home security, automation, and energy management solution. These are just a few ways our home security system uses modern technology to bring you the best possible security solution:

For Security
We offer wireless, wired, and hybrid security systems. Calgary residents receive equipment that includes a control panel, backup battery, keypad, siren and more. Everything is brand new; we provide all our Calgary clients with their own equipment rather than renting them a previously used home security system. Calgary property owners can trust Liberty to provide the equipment they need for the best possible protection.

For Automation
Automation features are included in every Liberty home security system. Calgary residents can benefit from smart home functionality to carry out tasks like setting lights or appliances to turn on or off at specific times.

For Energy Management
All of our packages feature energy management. With a tab in the Liberty app that’s dedicated entirely to energy management, our system helps you cut energy usage, lowering your utility bills and reducing your environmental footprint.

Receive the features you want and need by choosing a package that fits your lifestyle. If energy management is a top concern, consider our energy control package. Let us help you build a personalized package that provides you with the peace of mind you’re looking for.

You can monitor the safety and security of your Calgary home wherever you are by using a mobile device or checking on your computer. In the event that your system detects a threat, you will receive an alert by call, text, or email. We will monitor your home security at all times.

This monitoring service is just one of the many features that make our home security system the best home security system Calgary has to offer.

We monitor your Calgary home for the following:

After assessing your home for high risk points, we provide you with the appropriate home security to warn you if someone is trying to break into your Calgary home. We will stay on alert for any warning signs and send help if we believe there is any chance of an attempted intrusion.

Fire reporting is fundamental for home security. Calgary homeowners can benefit from the backup battery in our system, which ensures that your fire alarm is always working. Plus, if we ever detect smoke, we will send a fire and rescue team immediately.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is odorless and deadly. If there’s a leak in your home, you need emergency help – fast. Our system gives you just that.

Our sensors can detect water early, allowing you to resolve the problem before water damage can occur.

Abnormal Temperature Changes
Abnormal temperatures are always a risk in Calgary, where homes can incur serious damage if a thermostat fails to work properly. As we monitor your system, we will be watching for dramatic temperature changes that can put your home and your family at risk.

If you live in Calgary and you’re looking for the best possible security solution for your needs and budget, contact us today.

Home Security Systems Saskatoon | Liberty Security

Your Source for the Best Home Security System – Saskatoon

With basic home security, Saskatoon residents receive an alarm and some equipment to protect them from break-ins. With an upgrade, you may also receive some cameras and home automation features. This, however, is far from comprehensive protection – you need the best home security system. Saskatoon homeowners choose Liberty for their home security needs because we go above and beyond to provide the comprehensive solutions needed to properly protect homes from a variety of threats.

Our security system is a comprehensive solution suitable for any Saskatoon resident. In addition to theft prevention, we offer home security to safeguard against fire, floods, water damage, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more.

Fire Security System
A fire in your home can be devastating. It can quickly destroy your entire property and put your family at risk of serious injury or even death. Our home security system can include a smoke/heat detector, which will notice if the temperature in your home rises rapidly and will activate an alarm.

Your security system will also alert the nearest fire and rescue team in Saskatoon, sending the professionals to your property immediately. This function works even when you’re away from home — including if you’re out of Saskatoon entirely — and when your home security system is disarmed.

Flooding and Water Damage
Flooding can occur due to extreme weather conditions, but it can also happen when a pipe or appliance leaks. In either case, flooding can cause extensive damage and the need for expensive repairs. To avoid this, we can include flood sensors in your home security system. Saskatoon homeowners usually ask us to install these sensors in high-risk areas like the laundry room, near the basement drain, and by the sump pump.

Carbon Monoxide Home Security System
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas. To make matters worse, it’s odorless — there’s no way of knowing that you have a leak without a carbon monoxide sensor. For this reason, it’s critical that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your Saskatoon home.

We include carbon monoxide detectors as an option for all of our Saskatoon clients. If you choose this feature, we will monitor for carbon monoxide in your home at all times. We will dispatch help immediately if we detect any gas.

Extreme Temperatures
If your thermostat stops working during the cold winter months, your pipes could freeze, causing significant damage to your Saskatoon home. To avoid such problems, you need a home security system with temperature monitoring. Few systems offer this as a service, but an exception is the Liberty home security system. Saskatoon residents can receive a notification when indoor temperatures approach 7 degrees Celsius, allowing them to take action in time.

Above are just a few of the many features you can receive with our security systems. Saskatoon homeowners can pick even more items to enhance their home security in a way that fits their lifestyle. For instance, we offer home automation, energy management, and even intrusion protection like image sensors as part of our security systems. Saskatoon residents can choose the features they need and want to feel safe.

Call us today to discover all of the ways our security systems can be customized to protect your home, too.

Home Alarm Systems Edmonton | Liberty Security

Simplify Your Search for a Home Security Alarm System in Edmonton

Threats to your home security can come from many places. For this reason, you need a security alarm system that’s designed to warn you of any risk to your Edmonton home. Liberty offers feature-packed home security alarm systems. Edmonton residents can choose the items that are most relevant to their properties for a totally personalized security alarm system.

Window or Door Sensors
You can include window sensors, door sensors, or both in your home alarm. Edmonton homeowners choose these features to trigger their security alarm if a door or window is opened when they’ve armed their home alarm systems. They then receive a warning that someone is trying to break into their home.

Motion Sensors
For even greater peace of mind, you can opt for a motion sensor. Turn it on at night and it will pick up any movement while you’re asleep, activating the security alarm system. Edmonton residents with pets weighing up to 40 pounds can also include motion sensors in their home alarm systems.

Glass Break Detectors
Another way an intruder may try to access your Edmonton home is by breaking glass. Our glass break detector listens for the sound of broken glass and will activate your security alarm system. This feature is particularly useful for households with large pets, as there is no risk that the pets may accidentally set off the alarm.

Smoke Detectors
If you don’t already have smoke and heat detectors, or if you have detectors that are battery powered and at risk of failure, you should include a smoke detector in your security alarm system. Edmonton homeowners feel confident in our smoke detectors because the home alarm system is triggered if there is any smoke or if indoor temperatures rise above 57 degrees Celsius. Even if you’re away from home when your alarm sounds, we will send a fire and rescue team.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors
A carbon monoxide sensor is also critical for all home alarm systems. Edmonton residents feel confident that help is on the way in the case of a leak, when they include this feature in their home alarm system.

Low Temperature Sensor
If you’re away from your Edmonton home when your heating system breaks, it could be too late by the time you realize you have a problem. This is why we offer a low temperature sensor as part of our alarm systems. Edmonton residents receive a notification and can then take action to stop pipes from freezing.

Flood Sensors
Flood sensors take home alarm systems to the next level. You can install sensors any place where there is risk of an appliance leaking, pipes bursting, or water entering your Edmonton home.

Medical Alert Pendant
Seniors and people with serious medical conditions can benefit from including a medical alert pendant in their alarm systems. Edmonton residents use the system to notify our monitoring station if they are having an emergency. Home alarm systems with this feature will send help immediately, wherever you are in Edmonton.

Discover the many ways your home will benefit from the superior protection offered by a Liberty Security system. Call us today.

Home Alarm Systems Calgary | Liberty Security

A Comprehensive Home Security Alarm System in Calgary

We utilize all the latest technology in our home alarm systems. Calgary residents can choose from a variety of modern and hi-tech features to create a security alarm system that suits their needs and lifestyle. We also go a step further and give Calgary homeowners the choice between hard-wired, wireless, and hybrid home alarm systems.

Wired Home Alarm Systems
Wired is the traditional approach to home security alarm systems. Calgary residents often prefer this option, as they feel more secure knowing that the alarm is integrated with their home electrical system. They have no concerns about batteries and there are no signal limitations.

When you purchase a hard-wired security alarm system from some providers in Calgary, you need to install the system yourself, which can be challenging. When you choose Liberty, however, installation is never a problem, as we install all our home alarm systems. Calgary homeowners just need to specify what they want; we do the rest.

There are a few other benefits to hard-wired alarm systems: Calgary residents can expect reliable monitoring, as the alarm signals are all sent through phone lines, meaning there is almost zero chance of failure or hacking. The equipment is also easy to maintain — once it’s set up, there’s no need for you to do anything.

Wired home alarm systems are also ideal in large Calgary homes, as they handle multiple sensors with ease. This means that you can add all the items you want to your alarm.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems
Wireless systems use radio frequencies to enable sensors and other equipment to communicate with a control panel. This is suitable for almost every Calgary home, with the exception of particularly large properties and buildings with thick walls. To overcome these types of issues, we may choose to use repeaters that extend radio communication.

The system will include a backup battery to ensure you never run into problems with your security alarm system. Calgary homeowners can also take advantage of the fact that our wireless systems are easy to modify, allowing you to add or change features in the future, should you wish to update your security alarm system. Calgary residents will also benefit from home automation and remote access capabilities.

Our Hybrid Security Alarm System
For the best of both worlds, you may prefer to opt for our hybrid home alarm. Calgary homeowners often choose hybrid home alarm systems for the reliability of wired alarms and the flexibility of wireless alarm systems. Calgary residents who purchase our hybrid alarms can take advantage of the full range of features we have to offer, no matter the size of their Calgary home.

Contact us to learn how you and your home will benefit from one of our customized alarm systems.

Home Alarm Systems Saskatoon | Liberty Security

A Trusted Home Security Alarm System in Saskatoon

Quality should always be a top consideration when you’re shopping for a security alarm system. You need to know that you’re receiving all the features you need for a reliable security alarm system. Saskatoon residents choose Liberty because our home alarm systems are best-in-class and ideal for any Saskatoon homeowner.

All the Basics
Home alarm systems now come in all shapes and sizes and are available with a wide array of add-ons and functions. When it comes to any security alarm system, Saskatoon homes are only secure if, at a minimum, the system has key features like a siren, keypad and control panel. We also include lawn signs and warning decals in our alarms, as they are proven deterrents against break-ins.

Wireless Option
Wireless technology has been a major breakthrough for home security alarm systems. Saskatoon residents can now have home alarm systems installed quickly and easily, as there is no need to connect the alarm to phone lines.

Some homeowners in Saskatoon, however, still prefer hard-wired home alarm systems. Wired systems are also more suitable for large properties in Saskatoon.

At Liberty, we understand the advantages of both. For this reason, we offer both types of home alarm systems. Saskatoon residents also have a third option: hybrid. This integrates the qualities of hard-wired with the benefits of wireless technology.

Features to Fit Your Lifestyle
Every household in Saskatoon has its own distinct needs. Whereas your neighbour may want a key fob, you may require a medical alert pendant as part of your home alarm. Saskatoon homeowners can select the features they want for their Liberty security alarm system, creating a package that works best to provide the peace of mind they need.

Cameras are far less expensive than they once were, and are now accessible to most homeowners in Saskatoon who want to include visuals in their home alarm systems. The picture offered by cameras has also improved over the years — you can now clearly see who is trying to access your home when the alarm is activated.

At Liberty, we go a step further with our alarm systems. Saskatoon residents have the option to include image sensors, as well. These combine the technology of motion sensors with a still camera. Image sensors show you what caused the alarm while allowing you to decide if you need emergency support. You can even access the images when you’re away from home, giving you greater comfort.

Remote Access
Another way to ensure that a Saskatoon property is secure is with remote access to home alarm systems. Saskatoon homeowners can receive alerts from their alarms to their smartphones. With a Liberty system, they can use this function to also check video, monitor detectors, and much more.

Home Automation
Security is no longer limited to alarm systems. Saskatoon residents can include home automation in their security packages, using the Liberty mobile app or a computer to set automated tasks for their Saskatoon homes, as well.

Learn more about all of the ways a Liberty Security system will revolutionize the way you protect your home. Call us for more information.

Doorbell Security Cameras Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Red Deer — Liberty Security

Discover the Many Benefits of Doorbell Security Cameras

A doorbell security camera is ideal for enhancing your home security system, but it’s also convenient. See who is at your door before you decide to answer — without moving from where you are. All you need is your smartphone! At Liberty, we offer a doorbell security camera as part of our home security alarms for clients in locations that include Saskatoon, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary.

How Does a Doorbell Security Camera Work?

When we install a home security system, we can also install a doorbell security camera. Edmonton residents and others can access the camera through the Liberty app, just like all of the other features in their home alarm. The doorbell is easy for visitors to use: they simply press a button just like a regular doorbell. The only difference is that you will be able to check your camera when your doorbell activates to see who is there.

Benefits of a Doorbell Security Camera
There’s no need to try and move discreetly to your door when you have a caller if your security system includes a doorbell security camera. Calgary residents and others can use the feature to screen visitors, just like with caller ID for phone calls. This ensures that a stranger or potential intruder will not know if you’re home. Plus, if you have any concerns and decide not to answer the door, your doorbell security camera will record a video that you can use to identify the visitor.

An equally important benefit is convenience. Wherever you are in your home, you can see who has just arrived. If it’s just a nuisance caller, you can ignore the visitor without wasting your time. Furthermore, if you’re away from home, you will still be notified that someone was at your door. This can be useful for tasks like checking to see if a package arrived, as well as for security.

The Features of a Liberty Doorbell Security Camera
We offer more than just the basics with our doorbell security camera. Edmonton homeowners and others can benefit from a variety of extra features that make it easier to monitor visitors.

For optimal peace of mind, we’ve included two-way audio with our doorbell security camera. Saskatoon residents and other home owners can hear and speak to visitors, which can help with confirming identity or providing instructions. For instance, you can tell a delivery person where to leave a package.

Another feature is motion detection, which is built into the doorbell security camera. Red Deer home owners and others are notified when there’s any movement near the doorway, meaning you will know if someone is present, even if they don’t press the doorbell.

Finally, Liberty systems utilize cloud recording to store all footage from your doorbell security camera. Calgary residents and others can use this function to review video footage or even save clips for security purposes.
As Liberty alarms use remote monitoring, you will have access to all of these features even when you’re not at home.

Ready to enjoy the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind? Contact us to learn more about our Doorbell Security Cameras.