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Get Liberty for Your Business

We make it easy for you to monitor the factors that make your business efficient and productive. Receive alerts when the doors aren’t open on time, track worker productivity and control your security system from your smart device.

Business Intrusion, Security and Monitoring

Liberty uses the latest technology to ensure you can secure and monitor all aspects of your business including:

  • Protection from theft, break & enter and smash and grab
  • Staff Duress Protection
  • Notification of key events via call, text and email
  • Reporting on what’s occurred and exception reporting when something doesn’t occur
  • Fire panel monitoring
  • Real time location of employees and assets

Video Surveillance, Camera Systems & CCTV

Liberty works with you to understand your camera & video surveillance needs and provides a video and CCTV solution that:

  • Promotes a culture of safety and accountability
  • Helps protect against vandalism & theft
  • Improves employee productivity & business efficiencies
  • Remote access for live viewing and archive surveillance review

Access Control

Liberty’s access control systems are flexible and easy for customers to manage. Key aspects of the system are that it:

  • Protects valuable assets and secured areas
  • Eliminates lock and key management with employee turnover
  • Manages and records access to all areas
  • Promotes employee safety

Don’t want to oversee your system? Have Liberty do it for you.

Phone Systems

Liberty can install telephone systems for you that are:

  • Simple, powerful phone solutions that allows you access anywhere
  • Fully scalable and will grow with your needs
  • Route calls easily, host conference calls & allow for remote phone capability

If you run a hotel or seniors facility we can also provide software to help you with management and billing.

If you don’t want to manage the system, we can do it on your behalf.


Liberty has become such a large part of our communication environment. Let Liberty design, build and maintain your wireless environment. Some of our solutions include:

  • Complete wifi infrastructure along with management & billing tools for different user types
  • IP Dect or Wifi Telephone handsets
  • Paging systems and pagers
  • Remote video surveillance using point to point RF or GSM for communication
  • Intrusion and Nurse Call Solutions

Staff Duress & Real Time Location Services

  • We know the safety of your team is critical to your success. Liberty has multiple solutions to
  • Protect your lone workers
  • Identify when they are in need of assistance
  • Determine their location
  • Notify the proper authorities

Audio Visual

Liberty can provide your business with the most dynamic sound and video to meet your needs.

  • High quality audio & video equipment for training facilities, entertainment rooms, boardrooms and classrooms.
  • Highly trained and certified technicians.


Receive real time information so you can ensure your business is productive, efficient and safe.

Sample Business Alerts

  • Early close
  • Notifies you if the system is armed at an earlier than expected time
  • Off hours open
  • Notifies you if the system is disarmed late or during unexpected hours
  • Late close
  • Notifies you if the system is armed at a later than expected time
  • Location opened or closed
  • Know who is opening up for the day and closing down for the night
  • The warehouse door was opened
  • Know if your warehouse door, private office, or freezer is opened or left open for a period of time
  • The system was not armed by the expected time
  • Don’t leave your business unprotected. Receive a notification if your system is not armed by closing time
  • The store has not been opened by the expected time
  • Make sure the person who’s opening up in the morning shows up on time
  • Alarm reported
  • There has been an alarm event at your property


For critical events such as intrusions, medical emergencies, fire or flooding our ULC, Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Centres are there to take action when you can’t be.

Business Video Monitoring Calgary

Business Video Monitoring – Calgary

We understand that every company has unique requirements when it comes to business video monitoring and that there is no one-size-fits-all. For this reason, the video monitoring solutions from Liberty Security are as diverse as the businesses we serve. We will help you determine the features you need to protect your assets and keep the employees at your Calgary business safe.

Camera Resolution
Camera resolution impacts both the clarity of the image and the field of vision. Choose what would be appropriate for your business according to factors like the risk of a security breach and your budget.

Frame Rate
Equally important is frame rate. You need to bear in mind that video is actually a number of single images pieced together. The more frames you have, the smoother the video footage will appear. For real-time video monitoring, we provide 30 frames per second.

Indoors and Outdoors
We offer business video monitoring for both indoor and outdoor spaces. When you choose a camera specifically made for use in a specific area, you receive better quality from your footage and the camera has a longer lifespan. For instance, our outdoor cameras are weatherproof and protected against dirt and debris.

Camera Models
At Liberty, we offer bullet cameras to attach to walls, dome cameras to hang from the ceiling, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras to give you remote control access to your business video monitoring. Calgary businesses should choose the camera type according to where it will be positioned.

If you need video monitoring in the dark, it’s important to choose cameras that function in low light. Such cameras use infrared LED lights. It’s essential to pick a camera with plenty of infrared LED lights for surveillance at night or for any place where lighting could be compromised.

Consider if it’s necessary for your camera to pick up audio. If you want to use cameras to communicate with staff, two-way audio is a good idea. This will allow you to talk to employees in an emergency, such as if they’re working alone. Two-way audio can also assist in collaboration during working hours between different groups of employees.

Video Analytics
We also offer cameras with additional features like video analytics. This provides you with automatic recording and notifications in the Liberty app in the event of unexpected movement. You can turn on video analytics when your Calgary business is closed and use it for video monitoring in restricted areas.

Storage Capacity and Type
A final consideration is storage. If you’ve chosen high-resolution cameras and you want to store many hours of footage for long periods of time, you will need plenty of storage. Alternatively, you can simply overwrite old footage with new to save space. We will also help you decide if you should consider cloud storage to back up your footage.

To learn more about the many ways video surveillance from Liberty can protect your business, contact us.

Business Video Monitoring Edmonton

Business Video Monitoring – Edmonton

Business video monitoring does more than ensure the security of your assets. With strategically-placed cameras, you can monitor all aspects of your Edmonton business. When you choose Liberty Security, you will enjoy the following benefits from our video monitoring systems:

Prevent Theft
If you run a store or another type of business where theft is a possibility, cameras should be a part of your security system. As well as acting as a deterrent, they will help you file claims and catch thieves.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to protect your business from internal threats, such as when your company is large or you have a high staff turnover rate. Video monitoring prevents you from making assumptions or potentially blaming the wrong individual. It’s also a great deterrent for theft or acts of violence.

Improve Productivity
Employees typically perform better when they know they’re being watched. Plus, if you’re away from the premises when a shift starts or ends, you can make sure that employees are arriving and leaving at the right time. Finally, if several departments in your business need to work together, video can assist in collaboration and further improve productivity.

Confirm Access
If you have restricted areas at your Edmonton business, you can use security cameras to ensure that only workers who have access to these spaces are entering. Combine this with notifications in the Liberty app to see when a door to a restricted area is being opened.

Enhance Safety
When employees need to work alone or in small groups, it can be very useful to equip your security system with business video monitoring. Edmonton business owners also use our systems to monitor workers’ safety; if employees are in danger or there’s some sort of an accident, the system can provide you with a notification and send the appropriate support.

Resolve Disputes
Whether it’s a dispute between employees or between a customer and an employee, there are always two sides to the story. With video evidence, you have the facts you need to make a fair judgment call.

Monitor Your Business at All Hours
Business video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your business even when it’s closed. At Liberty, we offer remote video monitoring that allows you to check your cameras at any time for real-time footage. If you are a victim of any crime, video can provide the evidence you need to catch the perpetrators.

Improved Customer Service
You can improve customer service by monitoring your employees while they interact with clients. Use the video to provide individual members of staff with recommendations or for general training purposes.

Increase Sales
Similarly, you can check video monitoring to see how customers are interacting with products or how they move through your store. This can give you ideas for how to improve the experience, shorten the decision process, and ultimately increase your sales.

Discover how your business can benefit from Liberty video monitoring. Call us today for more information.

Business Video Monitoring Saskatoon

Business Video Monitoring – Saskatoon

To adequately protect your business, you need to utilize the latest available technology in a video monitoring system. Saskatoon businesses choose Liberty Security because we provide innovative, modern solutions. Customize the security system to your needs and to monitor all aspects of your business.

The Right Cameras
Few Saskatoon businesses can manage security effectively with a single, standard camera. We will supply you with the exact number and type of cameras you need. You will be able to choose from a variety of different models for both indoor and outdoor use, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

For indoor use, you will benefit from our lightweight, modern cameras. You also have the option to select additional, small cameras for discreet security.
If you want a camera for outdoor video monitoring, you need a model that will withstand all types of weather. Our outdoor cameras are robust, waterproof, and are protected against vandalism. You also have the option to camouflage these cameras.

Infrared Features
A camera is useless if it only works under perfect lighting conditions. We offer cameras with infrared features that can record in low levels of light — even in complete darkness. This is useful for filming at night in dark locations, but it will also ensure that your business video monitoring system continues to work effectively if an intruder or vandal destroys the light source.

Large Image Sensors
Large image sensors provide wider views and enable you to cover a greater area. This means that you can use a single camera, instead of two, to capture a greater space without your camera needing to move. Similarly, such a camera covers farther distances, giving you time to spot a potential criminal and better protect your employees and assets.

High Recording Resolution
Our cameras are available with high resolution to provide you with top image quality. This improves your ability to identify the person committing the crime or to use video monitoring to see exactly what is happening at your business.

Remote Monitoring
With a Liberty system, you’re able to manage your business video monitoring from your smartphone, tablet, or computer at all times, no matter where you are. You will find all the footage in the Liberty app, along with the other features of your alarm. You can even turn cameras on or off and arm or disarm the system. If you’re using pan-tilt-zoom cameras, you will also be able to move these to check video monitoring from a different angle.

Professional Monitoring
We also provide you with professional business video monitoring. Saskatoon companies can rely on the local Liberty team to keep an eye on their video footage at all times. If we see suspicious behaviour, we will notify you immediately through the app, a phone call, or an email. If we believe that there may be an emergency situation, we will send the appropriate authorities to your assistance.

Learn more about protecting your Saskatoon business. Contact us today.

Commercial Security Systems Edmonton | Liberty Security

Your Source for a Business Security System in Edmonton

As the pace of business changes in Edmonton, so do company’s commercial security needs. Keeping your business and assets protected and your employees safe calls for innovative business security systems. Edmonton companies choose Liberty for exceptional service and unbeatable peace of mind.

Our Business Security Systems
We offer a variety of commercial security solutions to enhance everything from protection to efficiency. Just a few of our commercial security features for Edmonton companies include:

- Intrusion prevention. Keep your business safe from break-ins, theft, and other types of crime.

- Key events notifications. Receive alerts through calls, texts, or emails about events like doors opening. This will ensure that your business is running smoothly even in your absence.

- Tracking of employees and assets. Knowing where your workers and assets are at all times maintains business security and promotes productivity. For instance, you can use the feature to protect employees who are working alone, identify when someone requires assistance, or check that an asset is where it should be. Our business security systems send alerts to our monitoring centre if a worker is ever in need of help.

- Flooding and fire panel monitoring. Our monitoring centre receives an alert immediately in the case of a flood, fire, or similar emergency. Even when your business is closed and no staff are on the premises, you can rest assured that your company is protected and rely on us to send support.

Wireless Commercial Security Systems
Another way our commercial security systems stand out is that they can be completely wireless. This means fast installation — you can start protecting your Edmonton business immediately. Better yet, at Liberty, we design each system to fit the specific business. This allows you to choose the features you want and need. We will also maintain your wireless environment to ensure that it’s always working perfectly.

Some business security items you should consider for your Edmonton company include:

- Wifi infrastructure. This can include management and billing tools — we have different options to suit different user types.

- IP Dect or Wifi telephone handsets. These will improve communication in your business.

- Nurse call solutions. For businesses in a healthcare setting, a nurse call alert can be key for alerting the right person when a patient or senior requires medical assistance.

- Paging systems and pagers. These are also particularly popular for healthcare businesses.

- Video surveillance. We offer a remote option to allow you to keep watch on your business, wherever you are. This can use point to point RF or GSM for communication.

When it comes to commercial security systems, Edmonton businesses trust Liberty to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly satisfy their security needs. Contact us today to learn more about equipping your business with a Liberty security system.

Commercial Security Systems Calgary | Liberty Security

Trust Liberty for Your Business Security System in Calgary

Our commercial security systems go the extra mile, offering you the capability to monitor all aspects of your business at all times. With a Liberty system, you will be able to maintain business security whether you’re onsite or outside Calgary entirely. You will be able to monitor everything from video surveillance to the locations of your workers and assets — all from your smartphone. Plus, we monitor our business security systems at all times, and we’re always ready to send support in the event of an emergency.

Receiving Alerts
When you’re away from your Calgary business, trust us to send you alerts with real-time information about key events.

You can set up the alerts that matter to you. For instance, you can specify when your business should open or close when you’re not there. If your business opens or closes too early or too late, you will receive an alert. We can also tell you which employee armed or disarmed the security system.

Our commercial security systems can send you alerts when doors are opened or when they’re left open for an extended period of time. You can set up such alerts for your warehouse, private office, and freezer doors, just to name a few examples.

For business security, you will receive alerts whenever an alarm is reported. Alarms for fire, intrusion, flooding, and medical emergencies are all features of our business security systems. Calgary business owners can rest assured that we will respond immediately to these alarms and send the necessary support.

Monitoring Our Business Security Systems
In addition to enabling you to check your business security at any time and from any place, we monitor all of our commercial security systems. Calgary business owners can rely on us to monitor and send responses to a range of alarms, including:

- Intrusion monitoring. Our highly-trained Calgary team will monitor features of your commercial security system for signs that someone is trying to break into your property.

- Video monitoring. When you choose video surveillance for commercial security, our experienced professionals will use live footage to monitor for suspicious activity.

- Real-time location monitoring. If your employees need to leave the premises to work alone or they need to take expensive assets away from your property, we will monitor their location at all times and identify if they need assistance.

- Panic alarm monitoring. This feature is ideal for any business where there is a risk of theft or crime that could put employees in danger. We respond immediately to all panic alarms.

- Medical alert monitoring. Healthcare businesses can benefit from our medical alert monitoring. If a patient or senior activates the alarm, we will send the appropriate medical support.

- Critical condition monitoring. We will notice if your business is at risk of damage due to extreme temperatures, moisture, or water.

- Phone management. We even include management of your phone system as part of our commercial security packages.

We verify all alarms before taking action. This ensures we only send help to your Calgary business in the case of an actual emergency.

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your business with smart security solutions from Liberty.

Commercial Security Systems Saskatoon | Liberty Security

A Trusted Source for Business Security Systems in Saskatoon

One of the most important considerations when comparing business security systems is ease of use. For a system to be useful for your company, your employees need to be able to arm and disarm it without issue, when you’re away from the premises. You also need to be able to make adaptations as staff changes or your business grows.

Liberty commercial security systems are the best available to Saskatoon businesses because they fulfill all the above criteria. Our commercial security systems are simple to manage and flexible enough to suit any business needs.

Features That Set Us Apart

Protection of Assets
We help you protect your assets from theft and damage from both internal and external risks. Some of the solutions we offer for this purpose include video surveillance, exception reporting, and location monitoring, all of which are part of our business security systems. Saskatoon business owners can keep track of their assets at all times using the Liberty smartphone app.

Keyless Entry
It can be difficult to maintain your business security if you have a high employee turnover. Every time a worker with key access leaves your company, you need to change the locks. Our business security systems eliminate this problem. We can make your Saskatoon business keyless while improving security.

Managing Access
You can ensure that employees only access restricted areas when they are authorized, and when access is necessary, thanks to our commercial security systems. Saskatoon business owners can be confident that access control is in place even when they are off the premises, as our systems manage and record access to all areas of your property. You can even receive an alert when a door to a place like a private office is opened, or you can check video footage to see what is happening at any time.

Employee Safety
Business security is also about protecting your employees from harm. Workers can notify our business security team in Saskatoon if they are ever in danger or if they need emergency services. This service is available when employees are at your business or elsewhere.

Real-Time Location Services
Our real-time location services are particularly useful for protecting workers when they are away from your business. Beyond locating employees, we offer solutions to protect lone workers, to identify when a worker needs assistance, and to notify the right authorities. All our real-time location services are part of our commercial security packages.

Overseeing Your System
To enhance commercial security, our Saskatoon team monitors everything we’ve just mentioned. You can be involved in the monitoring of your commercial security as much or as little as you wish. The choice is yours.

Contact us today to learn how you, too, can customize a business security package that will provide total protection for your assets and your staff.

Business Alarm Systems Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Red Deer — Liberty Security

Business Alarm Systems

Your assets are protected from all types of risks with our business alarm systems. Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer companies who choose Liberty receive a comprehensive solution for security that’s perfectly tailored to suit their business’ needs.

Our Alarm Systems
Our alarm systems provide you with a number of features to warn you of any risk to your assets or the safety of your employees. Our business alarm systems provide the protection you need in all the following types of emergencies.

If our security systems detect smoke or heat, the fire alarm will sound. Plus, because our security professionals are constantly monitoring our business alarm systems, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Red Deer business owners can rest assured that a fire and rescue team will be sent to their property right away.

If we have any reason to believe that someone is trying to break into your property, the alarm will activate. This can protect you from theft, damage, and other types of crime.

Any water or moisture in your building could require expensive repairs. For this reason, we include flood sensors in our business alarm systems.

Extreme Temperatures
An extreme indoor temperature is often a sign that a piece of equipment is defective or that your heating and cooling system has stopped working. Either situation can be costly to your business. We include extreme temperature monitoring in our alarm systems to detect and solve problems as quickly as possible.

Panic Alarm
Panic alarms are available for staff working at your business’ location, as well as lone employees who are away from the premises, in all our business alarm systems. Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon businesses will receive an alert about the panic alarm and our monitoring centre will send help.

Extra Features
We take security and business management a step further with the Liberty business alarm systems. Edmonton business owners and others can also choose from a range of additional features for their alarm systems.

Video Surveillance
A popular feature of our business alarm systems, video surveillance helps prevent crimes like theft and vandalism, promote accountability, and improve safety and productivity. You can access video surveillance from your smartphone app, just like all of the other features of your alarm.

Audio-Visual Services
Expertise in video surveillance also makes us a top choice for your other video and sound solutions. We can install audio and video equipment for training or educational purposes at the same time as we provide you with a security system. Our technicians are trained in the installation of both.

Location Services
Know where your employees and assets are at all times with our location services.

Phone Management
We can provide powerful phone solutions suitable for any type of business. We will even manage your phone system along with your security system.
Contact us today for more information on equipping your business with the comprehensive security solutions you need to protect your assets and your staff.

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