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For Seniors Facilities

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Liberty Health & Safety makes it easy for you to monitor the factors that make your facility efficient and productive. Receive nurse call alerts when the residents and staff need assistance and determine their location immediately.

Nurse Call

Liberty’s Nurse Call for long term care and independent living facilities provides residents with assistance, at the touch of a button throughout the entire facility.

Our bracelets, pendants and tags along with strategically placed wall mounted call buttons are easy to use and always within reach. Location information (RTLS or real time location services) is included in the call, so help can arrive quickly.

Calls are sent to care givers via a variety of methods including mobile application, email, pagers and IP handsets. Through the use of intelligent call processing, the call is routed to the appropriate care giver based on location and time of day. All actions are documented so the entire call process can be reviewed and verified.

Portable durable phone for seniors ascom

Wander Protection

Liberty’s Wander Protection provides peace of mind to family and staff, knowing that their loved ones are safe within your facility. Wandering residents maintain their quality of life and freedom of movement while being kept safe. When wandering residents are detected near protected exits, staff are alerted, and the exit is locked.

The system preserves an open atmosphere, maintaining the attractiveness to guests and non-wandering residents. Wanderers are kept safe within the invisible boundaries while others can pass freely. The normal flow of the facility is not disrupted.

Our security bracelet is a comfortable, waterproof unobtrusive watch like bracelet that the resident wears on his wrist or on a pendant necklace.

Liberty Security ipad live view of security cameras through app


For critical events such as escalated calls, fire or flooding our ULC, Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Centres are there to take action.

Video Surveillance

  • Promotes Resident Safety
  • Helps protect against vandalism and theft
  • Remote access for viewing and archive review

Staff Safety

Staff Duress Call is a real time location safety, security Solution that enables faster response times during emergencies in high-risk work environments. Using advanced RTLS signaling technologies, our Staff Duress Call Solutions provides workers with the peace of mind knowing that assistance is only a button-press away. When their button is pressed appropriate personnel can be notified with the personnel involved, the type of alert and their location.

Asset Management

Liberty’s Asset Management Solution are designed to supplement the traditional security measures already deployed to reduce shrinkage of critical high-value mobile medical assets. We do this by capturing real-time location, time/date and motion information about the protected asset and then alerting security when illicit asset tampering or unauthorized asset movement is detected.

Due to the ease of implementation, this is the most cost-effective way to protect thousands of medical assets in challenging medical environments.

Temperature Monitoring

Our temperature monitoring solution gives real-time visibility into the status of temperature of sensitive assets. The temperature monitoring solution automates temperature recordings and removes the inherently unreliable, labour intensive, time consuming and inefficient of manual recording.

Regulating the environmental monitoring processes in hospitals, nursing, lab, and pharmacy and food service industries in inherently important to protect liability as well as to save costs on spoilage. With tour temperature solution’s advanced reporting capabilities, reports on environmental conditions and irregularities are easily generated for any required amount of time in order to provide an audit trail required to meet various agencies compliance standards.


Receive real time information so you can ensure your facility is productive, efficient and safe. We can provide critical information about your residents, staff and assets and send custom alerts that include location to:

  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • IP or Wifi Handsets
  • Email
  • Monitoring Stations

All alerts can be predefined and escalated according to your specific needs.