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Discover the Many Benefits of Doorbell Security Cameras

A doorbell security camera is ideal for enhancing your home security system, but it’s also convenient. See who is at your door before you decide to answer — without moving from where you are. All you need is your smartphone! At Liberty, we offer a doorbell security camera as part of our home security alarms for clients in locations that include Saskatoon, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary.

How Does a Doorbell Security Camera Work?

When we install a home security system, we can also install a doorbell security camera. Edmonton residents and others can access the camera through the Liberty app, just like all of the other features in their home alarm. The doorbell is easy for visitors to use: they simply press a button just like a regular doorbell. The only difference is that you will be able to check your camera when your doorbell activates to see who is there.

Benefits of a Doorbell Security Camera
There’s no need to try and move discreetly to your door when you have a caller if your security system includes a doorbell security camera. Calgary residents and others can use the feature to screen visitors, just like with caller ID for phone calls. This ensures that a stranger or potential intruder will not know if you’re home. Plus, if you have any concerns and decide not to answer the door, your doorbell security camera will record a video that you can use to identify the visitor.

An equally important benefit is convenience. Wherever you are in your home, you can see who has just arrived. If it’s just a nuisance caller, you can ignore the visitor without wasting your time. Furthermore, if you’re away from home, you will still be notified that someone was at your door. This can be useful for tasks like checking to see if a package arrived, as well as for security.

The Features of a Liberty Doorbell Security Camera
We offer more than just the basics with our doorbell security camera. Edmonton homeowners and others can benefit from a variety of extra features that make it easier to monitor visitors.

For optimal peace of mind, we’ve included two-way audio with our doorbell security camera. Saskatoon residents and other home owners can hear and speak to visitors, which can help with confirming identity or providing instructions. For instance, you can tell a delivery person where to leave a package.

Another feature is motion detection, which is built into the doorbell security camera. Red Deer home owners and others are notified when there’s any movement near the doorway, meaning you will know if someone is present, even if they don’t press the doorbell.

Finally, Liberty systems utilize cloud recording to store all footage from your doorbell security camera. Calgary residents and others can use this function to review video footage or even save clips for security purposes.
As Liberty alarms use remote monitoring, you will have access to all of these features even when you’re not at home.

Ready to enjoy the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind? Contact us to learn more about our Doorbell Security Cameras.