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A Trusted Source for Business Security Systems in Saskatoon

One of the most important considerations when comparing business security systems is ease of use. For a system to be useful for your company, your employees need to be able to arm and disarm it without issue, when you’re away from the premises. You also need to be able to make adaptations as staff changes or your business grows.

Liberty commercial security systems are the best available to Saskatoon businesses because they fulfill all the above criteria. Our commercial security systems are simple to manage and flexible enough to suit any business needs.

Features That Set Us Apart

Protection of Assets
We help you protect your assets from theft and damage from both internal and external risks. Some of the solutions we offer for this purpose include video surveillance, exception reporting, and location monitoring, all of which are part of our business security systems. Saskatoon business owners can keep track of their assets at all times using the Liberty smartphone app.

Keyless Entry
It can be difficult to maintain your business security if you have a high employee turnover. Every time a worker with key access leaves your company, you need to change the locks. Our business security systems eliminate this problem. We can make your Saskatoon business keyless while improving security.

Managing Access
You can ensure that employees only access restricted areas when they are authorized, and when access is necessary, thanks to our commercial security systems. Saskatoon business owners can be confident that access control is in place even when they are off the premises, as our systems manage and record access to all areas of your property. You can even receive an alert when a door to a place like a private office is opened, or you can check video footage to see what is happening at any time.

Employee Safety
Business security is also about protecting your employees from harm. Workers can notify our business security team in Saskatoon if they are ever in danger or if they need emergency services. This service is available when employees are at your business or elsewhere.

Real-Time Location Services
Our real-time location services are particularly useful for protecting workers when they are away from your business. Beyond locating employees, we offer solutions to protect lone workers, to identify when a worker needs assistance, and to notify the right authorities. All our real-time location services are part of our commercial security packages.

Overseeing Your System
To enhance commercial security, our Saskatoon team monitors everything we’ve just mentioned. You can be involved in the monitoring of your commercial security as much or as little as you wish. The choice is yours.

Contact us today to learn how you, too, can customize a business security package that will provide total protection for your assets and your staff.