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Trust Liberty for Your Business Security System in Calgary

Our commercial security systems go the extra mile, offering you the capability to monitor all aspects of your business at all times. With a Liberty system, you will be able to maintain business security whether you’re onsite or outside Calgary entirely. You will be able to monitor everything from video surveillance to the locations of your workers and assets — all from your smartphone. Plus, we monitor our business security systems at all times, and we’re always ready to send support in the event of an emergency.

Receiving Alerts
When you’re away from your Calgary business, trust us to send you alerts with real-time information about key events.

You can set up the alerts that matter to you. For instance, you can specify when your business should open or close when you’re not there. If your business opens or closes too early or too late, you will receive an alert. We can also tell you which employee armed or disarmed the security system.

Our commercial security systems can send you alerts when doors are opened or when they’re left open for an extended period of time. You can set up such alerts for your warehouse, private office, and freezer doors, just to name a few examples.

For business security, you will receive alerts whenever an alarm is reported. Alarms for fire, intrusion, flooding, and medical emergencies are all features of our business security systems. Calgary business owners can rest assured that we will respond immediately to these alarms and send the necessary support.

Monitoring Our Business Security Systems
In addition to enabling you to check your business security at any time and from any place, we monitor all of our commercial security systems. Calgary business owners can rely on us to monitor and send responses to a range of alarms, including:

– Intrusion monitoring. Our highly-trained Calgary team will monitor features of your commercial security system for signs that someone is trying to break into your property.

– Video monitoring. When you choose video surveillance for commercial security, our experienced professionals will use live footage to monitor for suspicious activity.

– Real-time location monitoring. If your employees need to leave the premises to work alone or they need to take expensive assets away from your property, we will monitor their location at all times and identify if they need assistance.

– Panic alarm monitoring. This feature is ideal for any business where there is a risk of theft or crime that could put employees in danger. We respond immediately to all panic alarms.

– Medical alert monitoring. Healthcare businesses can benefit from our medical alert monitoring. If a patient or senior activates the alarm, we will send the appropriate medical support.

– Critical condition monitoring. We will notice if your business is at risk of damage due to extreme temperatures, moisture, or water.

– Phone management. We even include management of your phone system as part of our commercial security packages.

We verify all alarms before taking action. This ensures we only send help to your Calgary business in the case of an actual emergency.

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your business with smart security solutions from Liberty.