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Business Video Monitoring – Saskatoon

To adequately protect your business, you need to utilize the latest available technology in a video monitoring system. Saskatoon businesses choose Liberty Security because we provide innovative, modern solutions. Customize the security system to your needs and to monitor all aspects of your business.

The Right Cameras
Few Saskatoon businesses can manage security effectively with a single, standard camera. We will supply you with the exact number and type of cameras you need. You will be able to choose from a variety of different models for both indoor and outdoor use, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

For indoor use, you will benefit from our lightweight, modern cameras. You also have the option to select additional, small cameras for discreet security.
If you want a camera for outdoor video monitoring, you need a model that will withstand all types of weather. Our outdoor cameras are robust, waterproof, and are protected against vandalism. You also have the option to camouflage these cameras.

Infrared Features
A camera is useless if it only works under perfect lighting conditions. We offer cameras with infrared features that can record in low levels of light — even in complete darkness. This is useful for filming at night in dark locations, but it will also ensure that your business video monitoring system continues to work effectively if an intruder or vandal destroys the light source.

Large Image Sensors
Large image sensors provide wider views and enable you to cover a greater area. This means that you can use a single camera, instead of two, to capture a greater space without your camera needing to move. Similarly, such a camera covers farther distances, giving you time to spot a potential criminal and better protect your employees and assets.

High Recording Resolution
Our cameras are available with high resolution to provide you with top image quality. This improves your ability to identify the person committing the crime or to use video monitoring to see exactly what is happening at your business.

Remote Monitoring
With a Liberty system, you’re able to manage your business video monitoring from your smartphone, tablet, or computer at all times, no matter where you are. You will find all the footage in the Liberty app, along with the other features of your alarm. You can even turn cameras on or off and arm or disarm the system. If you’re using pan-tilt-zoom cameras, you will also be able to move these to check video monitoring from a different angle.

Professional Monitoring
We also provide you with professional business video monitoring. Saskatoon companies can rely on the local Liberty team to keep an eye on their video footage at all times. If we see suspicious behaviour, we will notify you immediately through the app, a phone call, or an email. If we believe that there may be an emergency situation, we will send the appropriate authorities to your assistance.

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