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Business Video Monitoring – Edmonton

Business video monitoring does more than ensure the security of your assets. With strategically-placed cameras, you can monitor all aspects of your Edmonton business. When you choose Liberty Security, you will enjoy the following benefits from our video monitoring systems:

Prevent Theft
If you run a store or another type of business where theft is a possibility, cameras should be a part of your security system. As well as acting as a deterrent, they will help you file claims and catch thieves.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to protect your business from internal threats, such as when your company is large or you have a high staff turnover rate. Video monitoring prevents you from making assumptions or potentially blaming the wrong individual. It’s also a great deterrent for theft or acts of violence.

Improve Productivity
Employees typically perform better when they know they’re being watched. Plus, if you’re away from the premises when a shift starts or ends, you can make sure that employees are arriving and leaving at the right time. Finally, if several departments in your business need to work together, video can assist in collaboration and further improve productivity.

Confirm Access
If you have restricted areas at your Edmonton business, you can use security cameras to ensure that only workers who have access to these spaces are entering. Combine this with notifications in the Liberty app to see when a door to a restricted area is being opened.

Enhance Safety
When employees need to work alone or in small groups, it can be very useful to equip your security system with business video monitoring. Edmonton business owners also use our systems to monitor workers’ safety; if employees are in danger or there’s some sort of an accident, the system can provide you with a notification and send the appropriate support.

Resolve Disputes
Whether it’s a dispute between employees or between a customer and an employee, there are always two sides to the story. With video evidence, you have the facts you need to make a fair judgment call.

Monitor Your Business at All Hours
Business video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your business even when it’s closed. At Liberty, we offer remote video monitoring that allows you to check your cameras at any time for real-time footage. If you are a victim of any crime, video can provide the evidence you need to catch the perpetrators.

Improved Customer Service
You can improve customer service by monitoring your employees while they interact with clients. Use the video to provide individual members of staff with recommendations or for general training purposes.

Increase Sales
Similarly, you can check video monitoring to see how customers are interacting with products or how they move through your store. This can give you ideas for how to improve the experience, shorten the decision process, and ultimately increase your sales.

Discover how your business can benefit from Liberty video monitoring. Call us today for more information.