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Business Video Monitoring – Calgary

We understand that every company has unique requirements when it comes to business video monitoring and that there is no one-size-fits-all. For this reason, the video monitoring solutions from Liberty Security are as diverse as the businesses we serve. We will help you determine the features you need to protect your assets and keep the employees at your Calgary business safe.

Camera Resolution
Camera resolution impacts both the clarity of the image and the field of vision. Choose what would be appropriate for your business according to factors like the risk of a security breach and your budget.

Frame Rate
Equally important is frame rate. You need to bear in mind that video is actually a number of single images pieced together. The more frames you have, the smoother the video footage will appear. For real-time video monitoring, we provide 30 frames per second.

Indoors and Outdoors
We offer business video monitoring for both indoor and outdoor spaces. When you choose a camera specifically made for use in a specific area, you receive better quality from your footage and the camera has a longer lifespan. For instance, our outdoor cameras are weatherproof and protected against dirt and debris.

Camera Models
At Liberty, we offer bullet cameras to attach to walls, dome cameras to hang from the ceiling, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras to give you remote control access to your business video monitoring. Calgary businesses should choose the camera type according to where it will be positioned.

If you need video monitoring in the dark, it’s important to choose cameras that function in low light. Such cameras use infrared LED lights. It’s essential to pick a camera with plenty of infrared LED lights for surveillance at night or for any place where lighting could be compromised.

Consider if it’s necessary for your camera to pick up audio. If you want to use cameras to communicate with staff, two-way audio is a good idea. This will allow you to talk to employees in an emergency, such as if they’re working alone. Two-way audio can also assist in collaboration during working hours between different groups of employees.

Video Analytics
We also offer cameras with additional features like video analytics. This provides you with automatic recording and notifications in the Liberty app in the event of unexpected movement. You can turn on video analytics when your Calgary business is closed and use it for video monitoring in restricted areas.

Storage Capacity and Type
A final consideration is storage. If you’ve chosen high-resolution cameras and you want to store many hours of footage for long periods of time, you will need plenty of storage. Alternatively, you can simply overwrite old footage with new to save space. We will also help you decide if you should consider cloud storage to back up your footage.

To learn more about the many ways video surveillance from Liberty can protect your business, contact us.