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Business Alarm Systems

Your assets are protected from all types of risks with our business alarm systems. Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer companies who choose Liberty receive a comprehensive solution for security that’s perfectly tailored to suit their business’ needs.

Our Alarm Systems
Our alarm systems provide you with a number of features to warn you of any risk to your assets or the safety of your employees. Our business alarm systems provide the protection you need in all the following types of emergencies.

If our security systems detect smoke or heat, the fire alarm will sound. Plus, because our security professionals are constantly monitoring our business alarm systems, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Red Deer business owners can rest assured that a fire and rescue team will be sent to their property right away.

If we have any reason to believe that someone is trying to break into your property, the alarm will activate. This can protect you from theft, damage, and other types of crime.

Any water or moisture in your building could require expensive repairs. For this reason, we include flood sensors in our business alarm systems.

Extreme Temperatures
An extreme indoor temperature is often a sign that a piece of equipment is defective or that your heating and cooling system has stopped working. Either situation can be costly to your business. We include extreme temperature monitoring in our alarm systems to detect and solve problems as quickly as possible.

Panic Alarm
Panic alarms are available for staff working at your business’ location, as well as lone employees who are away from the premises, in all our business alarm systems. Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon businesses will receive an alert about the panic alarm and our monitoring centre will send help.

Extra Features
We take security and business management a step further with the Liberty business alarm systems. Edmonton business owners and others can also choose from a range of additional features for their alarm systems.

Video Surveillance
A popular feature of our business alarm systems, video surveillance helps prevent crimes like theft and vandalism, promote accountability, and improve safety and productivity. You can access video surveillance from your smartphone app, just like all of the other features of your alarm.

Audio-Visual Services
Expertise in video surveillance also makes us a top choice for your other video and sound solutions. We can install audio and video equipment for training or educational purposes at the same time as we provide you with a security system. Our technicians are trained in the installation of both.

Location Services
Know where your employees and assets are at all times with our location services.

Phone Management
We can provide powerful phone solutions suitable for any type of business. We will even manage your phone system along with your security system.
Contact us today for more information on equipping your business with the comprehensive security solutions you need to protect your assets and your staff.