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Make your home safe, secure, energy-efficient, and easy to navigate right from your phone.

Liberty Security eliminates the need for complex installations, equipment rentals and hidden fees.

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“76% of Canadian smart home owners say their quality of life has substantially improved with home automation.”


Save Money on Utilities

Avoid using more than you need by programming your thermostat and lighting according to your usage patterns.


Peace of mind

Automate your home so you'll never have to worry about turning lights off, leaving the garage open or forgetting to lock the doors.


Feel Safer In Your Home

Sleep soundly knowing your home is constantly monitored for hazards like CO poisoning, fires, water leaks and home intrusions.

Liberty Security's system makes your home smarter In 3 primary ways


Prevent wasteful energy usage by controlling your furnace and lighting while you’re away from home. You can even automize your usage by setting schedules that align with your lifestyle.

Home Monitoring

Smart monitoring sensors check for water leaks, floods, carbon monoxide leaks and smoke, 24/7. Receive instant alerts straight to your phone when changes occur.

Interactive Security

Stay informed and in control with immediate alerts to your phone when motion is detected. Access footage from your phone and communicate with visitors or suspicious people in real time.

Need more peace of mind?

Our smart lock and garage system works with your busy lifestyle no matter where you are

The Liberty Security System doesn’t require you to set up anything or have any special skills.

A local technician will take care of the entire installation for you, walk you through how to use your system, and is available to support you 24/7.

In fact, the Liberty Security system is so easy to use, you'll wish you got it sooner

Let us show you exactly how over 70,000 Canadians are making their homes smarter and more cost-efficient

We are a Canadian owned and operated security company dedicated to helping families and communities stay safe and secure.

We proudly protect thousands of homes and have installed over 70,000 systems across Canada.

Yes, our home security system works!

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