Liberty Security

Seniors At Home

Liberty InTouch integrates intelligent sensors to track and learn daily living habits, so that you can care for the one you love most without taking away their freedom.

Know if your loved one is:

  • getting up and about
  • getting out of the house
  • staying in bed too long
  • opening the refrigerator
  • opening the medicine cabinet

The core of any Liberty InTouch system is, and should be, a medical alert button and all Liberty InTouch systems come with one. But that’s where other companies end, and we are just getting started.

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Family members and caregivers can review activity, such as how much time is spent in bed or in a favourite chair, how often certain doors are opening and closing, or when motion is occurring in a particular room. Then you can set up rules around that activity to point out anomalies.

Activity Alerts

Once you have set up the rules that fit your loved one’s lifestyle. Our system will send you real-time alerts notifing you when serious anomalies are detected or a possible emergency is taking place. If no activity has been sensed in the home (i.e motion, doors opening or closing), then there might be a problem you need to know about.


Simplify routine tasks with seamless automation. Easy to use rules and schedules allow you to automate lights, thermostats, locks and security – so your loved one doesn’t have to remember to turn lights on or off, or lock the door every night.


Caregivers can even remotely check and control thermostats, door locks, lights and appliances.


For critical events such as medical alarms, intrusions or fire our ULC, Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Centres will speak directly to you or your loved one through the built-in speaker and mic in the main control panel. Let us take action when you can’t be there.


In addition to Medical Alarms and Alerts, we can also protect your home against intrusion, fire, flooding, extreme temperature changes and dangerous CO gases. With Liberty you can choose from a variety of devices that fit your lifestyle.


With the addition of an integrated wifi camera, you can look in to see if everything is OK. You can also have video clips on an alert or alarm right to your smart phone, tablet or computer.