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Bryce Barry (Cardo)

FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY (PROXIMA NOVA) - font used by liberty security

Blah, blah, blah....with a focus on land and seascapes from Canada's Pacific Coast

Bryce, I put the fonts for each section in brackets (Belgrano). These fonts were just among the options inside Elementor (Other than Proxima Nova, which I had to use the Adobe Typekit integration for)



Hi webmaster Dan – the widget below is called ‘Media Carousel’ 

You have 3 options under the widget – ‘Edit Media Carousel’ – ‘Content’ – ‘Slides’ – Dropdown menu options – ‘Carousel’, ‘Slideshow’, ‘Coverflow’. (See screenshot on the right). I used ‘Slideshow’ (see examples below).

As you get to know Elementor, there are lots of little options like this inside widgets that have huge power).


Please note that you can link each image. The carousel option may be a good way to show ‘Theme’s (aka collections) inside of the ‘Photography section’ so that people can scroll through all her pictures of trees without having to jump to a separate page


'Carousel' option below

'Slideshow' option below

'Coverflow' option below

(Brygada 1918)
'Look long at Bryce Barry's eerie atmospheric photographs and you'll forget where you are. It is dizzying, as if you've fallen into the setting, almost able to smell the sea and forest, feel the cool air, the damp moss, the rigid sand...'
Smiling elderly senior couple laughing
Rich Old Couple
West Vancouver