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Creative Ways to Get Crafty With Your Christmas Cards

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Does it feel like you’re running out of time to build the ultimate holiday experience for you and your loved ones? With only a handful of days left to do some last minute shopping, make holiday plans and attend your kids’ much anticipated Christmas concerts, greeting cards fall to the bottom of the Christmas to do list. Here are some quick and creative ideas to bring some magic back into your Christmas cards!


Vistaprint has hundreds of templates you can place your family photos into, and with the holiday discounts and express shipping you can get a personalized set of Christmas cards shipped to your front door in no time! If you’re feeling more creative, Vistaprint will let you upload a completely custom design. This option lets you have free rein of your Christmas cards. Create your design on Photoshop, or for the less creative and Photoshop-savvy type, you can use Canva. Canva has many user-friendly templates you can play around with right on their website.

Etsy ‘Printables’

Etsy is a gold mine for personal and authentic gifts because everything is handmade. Although it’s too late to order personalized gifts on Etsy, due to the customization and shipping times, ‘printables’ are instant. You can quickly purchase the Christmas card design ‘printable’ of your choice and you will immediately receive the electronic design files. You can then print your card on your home printer, or at a local print shop such as Staples. For the best results, use a thicker card stock, and pay attention to the size of the card.

Hand Lettering

If you have nice handwriting or calligraphy skills, hand lettering is a great option. You can purchase blank cards from your local craft store, such as Michaels, and with the touch of felt pens, water colour or ink, the cards can be transformed into beautiful, personalized Christmas cards. With the blank canvas of these cards, the personalization opportunity is endless. To get you started, here is a quick tutorial to learn how to letter different holiday phrases.

Crafting With Your Kids

Starting with the some blank cards, all you will need are the crafting materials of your choice. This could range anywhere from felts, scrapbooking paper and paint to recycled Christmas wrapping paper. The internet is a great place to look for inspiration, but here’s a great blog post to look through for some ideas. With all hands on deck, you’re sure to have some fun and creative Christmas cards with plenty of time left to clean up!

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